Coffee in 2018 – What Has Been Trending This Year

Coffee in 2018 – What Has Been Trending This Year

Your basic cup of joe is long gone.. 2018 has replaced the basic cup of joe with lots of new transition and evolution in the coffee industry. More inventions and combinations have been created in the coffee industry. You can stick with your basic cup of joe, but it will never hurt to try what’s been trending in 2018, you might leave the basics and stick to the latest trending and love them!

Bulletproof Coffee

How could coffee be bulletproof? Hmm. If you’ve never heard of this before, it’s a basic coffee with oil and butter added to it. This has been proved to lose weight and increase IQ levels, the experts agreed. Bulletproof coffee has existed a few years ago, but this year, it’s becoming more popular.

Mushroom Coffee

This one sounds like a bad combination and one you might never wanna try on the menu, but while the usual coffee could cause you anxiety, insomnia, and a slight of trembles. If you have this delicate combination, it claims to provide you with the boost you need from the regular coffee without causing all those effects. Now, what does the expert says? They claim that one can get a wide range of benefits from having mushroom coffee, unlike the regular coffee.

Sparkling Coffee

It sounds refreshing as it is from the name. This is one of the most well-loved options that has replaced the usual refreshing ice black coffee (basically just water and coffee). So the sparkling coffee is at its peak now. Sparkling or soda plus coffee is like doubling the caffeine without consuming more caffeine from coffee!

A pro tip, try to squeeze a little bit of lemon into it to give a more refreshing touch and see if you like it! Some people find it too sharp, some don’t. It’s always good to try something new once in a while so you know what you like best.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is not iced-coffee! Yes they’re both cold, but iced coffee is espresso, water, plus the ice combined in just a few steps and a few minutes so the caffeine dose is just from the espresso. However, cold brew here is ‘brewed’ for sixteen to twenty-four hours in a certain temperature, this results in a higher dose of caffeine contains in the cold brew.

The time of brewing will give make the coffee taste richer. However, it’s not recommended to consume too much cold brew in one day. How much is too much? A bottle of cold brew would usually contain enough of your caffeine intake. It might seem like you don’t drink much, but it’s not about the quantity.

Charcoal Lattes

charcoal latte

Charcoal has been one of the most popular ingredients in 2018. It has been added to different kinds of food from yoghurt, crepes, pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, and every food possible that the inventor could add to the food they sell to increase sales.

Frankly speaking, people want to get charcoal lattes just for the sake of making their Instagram feed aesthetic, although the benefits of adding activated charcoal to your latte is surprising! It has the ability to clean your gut by blocking all the toxins entering your system. The bad news is because it’s blocking the toxins, it will also block the good nutrients from your system, nothing will enter your system for hours after you consume the activated charcoal.

Besides adding the activated charcoal into your latte, you can also add your favourite syrup into your latte like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut. Some local coffee shops even have the option for turmeric and matcha. Some coffee shop even dare to provide Pepsi, banana, and bacon as flavours!

Coffee Cocktails

coffee cocktails

There are other types of coffee cocktails other than espresso martini. A creative bartender could invent and mix things up with coffee. Coffee in your cocktails would be necessary if you feel like you want another kick for your night out with friends. It is first originated in London, by Dick Bradsell.

Coffee Shakes and Sweet Drinks

The fastest growing groups of coffee consumers are generation Y and the millennials. It’s growing really fast because in coffee industry, consumers are not only there to enjoy coffee, but to also meet new people, socialize, and it has been a place where people can get creativity out of them.

A sweet coffee shakes add more energy to the person who consumes it because it has artificial sugar contains in the coffee, not to mention if you add extra syrup like vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel. This kind of coffee shakes will appeal to a lot of girls because most of them don’t like something too strong or don’t like the taste of coffee at all.

Ready to Drink Coffee

Busy people with work will have their coffee to go, RTD coffee always works, they’re willing to try it because it’s quick and if they don’t like it they’re also willing to wait for 5 minutes for you to make their cappuccino or latte to go. This could be cold brew, frappuccino, or coffee in bottles that the coffee shop sells individually.

Café Au Lait Bowls

The bowls were originally used all over France just to serve hot chocolate or coffee, they’re gorgeous and such candies for the eyes, also good for your Instagram feeds!


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