Try The Latest Trend In Coffee World: Transparent Coffee from Asahi in Japan

Try The Latest Trend In Coffee World: Transparent Coffee from Asahi in Japan

Will this transparent coffee make sense and leave us with the same effect as the regular coffee?

In most of the stores in Japan, they have a lot of caffeinated beverages stock up in their grocery stores. There are hundreds of bottles, from fruit flavoured drinks to vegetables flavoured drinks. Keep in mind to track your beverage intake when you visit Japan if you love trying new things from the grocery stores!

So the latest trend of this “clear drinks” is blowing people’s mind. They’re flavoured with peach, grape, orange, and yoghurt with no caffeine in sight. Hmm.

The people at Asahi started this idea and made it possible with the help of science! This drink is claimed to have a creamy and rich taste just like a latte, but transparent, fat-free, and no caffeine at all. What? No caffeine, but taste just like a latte, how is that even possible? It’s also fat free, it could be a girl’s best friend!

clear latte


The key ingredient to this drink is Ethiopian coffee because it suits the rest of the ingredients and since Ethiopian coffee tends to taste floral, delicate, and soft which would be great to go with everything.

Asahi’s transparent coffee is refrigerated so it would be refreshing at all times and satisfy your throat in each gulp you take, without giving your throat a strong kick like regular caffeine does. Even though the flavour of the coffee is pretty obvious, the water is still mild to drink and won’t overwhelm you in a weird sense. This drink tastes more subtle than any other coffee, more understated, a little sweet and bitter at the end for the aftertaste. It’s actually flawless to sip at the office or while relaxing at home, each sip will just excite you, unlike the regular coffee you have.

clear latte

There’s a message written on the bottle “Take out all the unnecessary extras, and you’re left with something clear.”
Asahi’s colourless latte definitely have the aroma we all love when we walk into a coffee shop. It smells like espresso! It lingers! Asahi very own “Clear Latte” is a totally brand new latte you can consume easily as if it’s your mineral water and that is what the product made of, the biggest part of it.

This product does contain milk! So, beware if you’re a vegetarian, don’t get too excited first! They also contain mineral extracts. They’re free of caffeine and contain 60 kcal in every bottle.

Interested to try Asahi Clear Latte? You can get them online and delivered right to your house!

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