Tricks To Step Up Your Morning Coffee

The best way to explore and venture through the coffee world is to ask the coffee addicts themselves. They know everything, they can suggest you the must try coffee, brewing methods and they know what exactly you need to put in your morning cup of java to step it up to the next level, the one you’re looking for. These are the ones you’ll keep coming back for more:

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1. Add some Irish Whiskey into your coffee

Digging the idea of mixing caffeine with Irish Whiskey is like getting a swift kick. It’s actually a traditional and a very popular beverage. A little extra of somethin’ something in your coffee won’t do you any harm as long as the dose is right. Cheers to the weekend, unless you plan to hang out with friends. Control yourself!


2. Buttered-cup

Yes there’s exactly a butter in there. If you like to hang around and about with people who likes to go to the gym or social media, you must have known someone who swears by bulletproof coffee. The person could be you. This drink is on another level and it has high performance known to boost energy, improve mental alertness, cognitive function, even could help with weight loss. If you wanna try this trend, try to use grass-fed butter, which has a higher amount of omega 3 and vitamin K than the usual butter. Once you tried this and feel the effects, you won’t let this go.

3. A hot coffee, not the temperature

No it’s not the temperature. To brighten and take your morning coffee to the next level, add a bit of cayenne to your morning brew. It’s been known and used to help stomach issues or problems, headaches, help digestion and could even prevent heart-disease. A little heat in the morning would be a blast for you.


4. Ginger with soul

Sprinkle a little ginger in your morning cup and just pour your morning brew into it and mix it. It’s edgy, but really good. Ginger contains anti oxidants and anti inflammatory compounds that make it really beneficial for some common issues. If you wanna feel your best, it could really improve your health by reducing muscle pain, lower your cholesterol rate, and regulate your digestion. Instead of packing away your black coffee and covered it all over in cream and sugar, try to live on the edge and dare to try some new things for you to mix your caffeine with.

Life is like a cup of joe it’s about how you create it.


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