The Reasons Why Encore Aceh Gayo Is Wonderful for Dark Roasts

The Reasons Why Encore Aceh Gayo Is Wonderful for Dark Roasts

Aceh Gayo coffee is known for its unique profile and there are various characteristics of Aceh Gayo that none of the other coffee in the world has. However, people hardly ever try dark roasting. Most people like to consume their coffee from light to medium roast. There’s a Kansas based coffee supplier that sells Aceh Gayo coffee, especially in dark roasts. Before you stop reading this article because you imagine how dark roasts could be, it’s worth a try!

Balanced Acidity and Flavour
There are some risks you need to face when you jump into the whole dark roasting things! The beans could be too bitter, too dull or you could lose the acidity and everything. You could throw away all of the characteristics and original taste of the coffee beans. But, Encore Aceh Gayo coffee is only a little bitter. It’s surprisingly colourful for a dark roast because it’s very balanced in every characteristic the beans have.


Clues of Cocoa and Herbal Notes
Sumatran coffee is earthy and you can feel something slightly herbal, almost no different than Aceh Gayo coffee. Sometimes, the people who have the tongue like Q Graders stated that Sumatran coffee tastes almost too soil-like, too earthy, or too muddy. However, Encore Aceh Gayo are not like the things mentioned above. With the dark roasting, there would still be the earthy notes, chocolate and the acidity of the citrus fruit. It’s the one you’re looking for if you like something bitter, a little dark, strong, but still has that fruity hints.

Pleasant and Lasting Aftertaste
Here is another common issue in the coffee world. The aftertaste could be horrible or it could be really good. Because Aceh Gayo is strong and bitter, some of them could linger a bad aftertaste and could be way too much for you to even take one more sip. Relax, Encore Aceh Gayo will leave a pleasant, lasting aftertaste even though it’s a little bitter, but it would still be smooth and not linger horribly.

Original Characteristics of the Dark Roast Cup
Most people are doubtful to try dark roasts unless it’s for something you’d like to mix with milk like cappuccinos, lattes, and piccolos. It won’t be too scary for people to try dark roast and mix it with milk because the sweet steamed milk will definitely boost the flavour. Actually, dark roasts can still be good to consume without mixing it with milk. It won’t lose all of the originality or the characteristics the coffee beans have.

Roasting every coffee that comes from different regions require skills because you can’t treat all coffee the same way. Choosing the right beans, the right roasting method or profile is important to keep their originality, characteristics alive.

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