The Endless Battle of Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are the most popular, most common beverage to be consumed in the whole wide world and it creates a cold inside battle in the society. Which one is the best? Which one that gives more benefits? In this article, we sort down some points for you to consider the benefits of both beverages so you’ll know which one is the best for you!

The Healthier Choice
Tea has the spotless reputation rather than coffee. Many health teams said tea as an energy drink. Yes, we know coffee could be an energy drink too, but its reputation is messed up. The reference to nutrition towards egg is being reminded. It could be a yes, then a no, then go back all around again. Tea is healthier than coffee. However, it’s special health effects are forgotten and underestimated.


The Aromatic Taste
The taste would come first to our mind when we talk about food and drinks. Coffee is all over the world with different taste notes. Could be fruity, smokey, ashy, floral or anything! Some coffee is also known to have high acidity which could be harmful to some sensitive stomach. Tea is on the run as well, it has many varieties available. It has the ingredients from roots to leaves. The most popular tea would be green tea, they make it for skincare, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and so much more. Green tea is produced from the root, not the leaves and of course, the nutrition contained in different tea would have different results.

Caffeine portion
Which one do you think has the most caffeine content? Coffee! That’s why people are more addicted to coffee rather than tea. Caffeine contains in coffee block adenosine which responsible for brain signalling the rest time and gains energy or mental alertness for your body. Tea has caffeine too, but not as much as coffee.


Better Energy Boost
The answer would be coffee. Why? As we said above, coffee has more caffeine than tea, even twice amount compared to tea. This will automatically give you different effects. Coffee will give you a better energy boost and feel it right away within a few minutes or so after consuming it. It will be able to cross the blood-brain barrier and give a stimulation to the neurotransmitter.

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