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what is the best coffee machine for 2018

Good coffee beans will produce espresso with thick cream. About the taste of coffee, it depends on taste, but about the quality of the existing criteria. Good quality coffee has the best flavor and performance for each type. How to choose the best bean to cup coffee machine 2018?

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Good coffee is produced from a long series of processes. It starts from planting, harvesting, sorting, roasting, packaging, until the presentation. For example, planting a coffee tree must have shade because if exposed to direct sunlight, the quality of the coffee beans produced is not good. Of course the plant should be free of pests and not lack of nutrients. Then, coffee farmers are recommended to tidy up the coffee tree, the goal is to facilitate coffee picking.

Specialty grade one specialty coffee is the best and the number is small. The number of specialty grade one coffee is not more than 10% of the total harvest. The amount can be reduced if the process of farmers, roasters, and the packaging is not according to the rules. Specialty grade one coffee beans are the best bean to make into Tubruk Coffee, it is a well-known coffee type from Indonesian. So, it’s complicated to get a cup of quality coffee. Well, when buying coffee, what needs to know to determine the best bean to cup coffee machine 2018?

We see the packaging. If packed in plastic, surely the quality of the coffee will go down. Good packaging uses aluminum pouch because of its low permeability, so oxygen is not easy to get into the packaging. On the packaging there is a small one-way whole valve that is useful for removing oxygen from the packaging. Valve function is also to smell the aroma of coffee that is in it. Oxygen is the main enemy of coffee that has roasted because oxygen-affected coffee will be oxidized so that the quality goes down.

In addition to aluminum pouch, coffee packaging that has a binder at the top of the packaging. This tie works to bind the packaging that has been opened before it is stored in a storage container. Oh yes, no less important is the expiry date. Check the coffee packaging about this expiration date. If it has expired, besides it feels uncomfortable, it also will bring problems for the body.

Coffee in the form of seeds is the choice of true coffee lovers because the flavor is most durable so when milled, it’s just less practical because it must have a coffee machine or grinding machine to grind it before brewing. For coffee lovers, this is not a problem because for them to enjoy coffee not only when coffee is served in the cup, but also the process of presentation. Some even make longer preparations, which is to buy coffee in the form of raw seeds (dried beans and ready to roast) to roast alone. This is done to get the level of roasting which is suitable with personal taste.

Good coffee, of course, has just roasted because the aroma and taste in the optimal state. The physical appearance of the seed is dark brown and shiny (depending on the level of roasting). The shine comes from the oil that was ejected when the roasted coffee beans. This oil is one element of the consistency of coffee.

Quick Tips for Selecting Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine 2018

The world’s coffee sellers can easily be found today, both online and offline. These vendors are not just selling coffee in powder form. Not infrequently we also find many of those who sell coffee beans. Buying coffee in the form of seeds will provide some benefits such as a stronger and more durable aroma and usually have superior quality. But unfortunately, now there are still many coffee buyers who do not know how to choose the best bean to cup coffee machine 2018 with good quality. Well, for those of you who want to buy coffee beans, here we will give some tips for you so you can choose good quality coffee beans from the coffee agents.

1. When is the Roasted Date

The first step when you buy coffee beans is to make sure you have to know when they are roasted. This is very important to ensure you get fresh or fresh coffee. If you get fresh coffee, the quality of the coffee is also very good.

2. Smelling the Aroma of Coffee Bean

Next, you can smell the aroma of coffee beans of the archipelago or other coffee you buy from coffee sellers. In this way, you can find out whether the coffee beans have good quality or mediocre. If the coffee beans have a thick aroma, then the quality was already can be ascertained either. However, if the coffee beans are not smelled fragrance, then the quality was doubtful.

3. Buying in Small Quantity First

If you find a new type of coffee that is the first time you meet, then before buying in large quantities, it helps you buy in small quantities first. If you already feel fit with the coffee copy of the archipelago, then you can buy in large quantities or according to what you want.

4. Understand the Quality of Coffee Beans

To be able to easily determine or know the quality of coffee archipelago, it would be better if you look for many references about the quality of a coffee. In addition, you can also find many recommendations from friends who have tried a coffee or about the best coffee agent recommendations. You can also get information and recommendations from some online coffee lovers discussion forums and look for references from experienced coffee experts.

5. Experiment with Other Coffee Beans

Even if you have tried and felt fit with one particular type of coffee, it is good and it is advisable to keep experimenting with trying different types of coffee beans. Why? In addition to increasing your knowledge, this will also make you more sensitive to be able to distinguish where coffee has good quality and where the coffee beans are of ordinary quality only. To be able to find good quality coffee beans you buy from a coffee agent, and then brew it without using sugar or other sweeteners.

If you do not want to be bothered, then you can try other physical forms of coffee; coffee that has been packaged in powder form. The advantages of this coffee is can be directly brewed at any time, it’s just still leaving the dregs. The level of refinement of coffee powder was varied depending on the allocation. Some are rough when used for espresso. There is also a smooth when used for Tubruk coffee.

In enjoying Tubruk coffee, the most delicious taste is when the coffee has started to cool and stay a little; sometimes the dregs like to be tasted as well. Tubruk coffee has an interesting history in Indonesia. If you want to get a unique sensation of this coffee, you can get at; the best selling coffee buying portal for world coffee lovers. We sell many kinds of coffee, either in the form of bean or powder, which will make you unable to stop drinking it.

That’s 5 tips you can do in determining and knowing the quality of good coffee beans. Hopefully with this information, you can get the best bean to cup coffee machine 2018 you buy from the best coffee agents as well.

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