10 Strategic Locations for Your New Coffee Shop

10 Strategic Locations for Your New Coffee Shop

A successful coffee shop is often determined by its location

For start-ups, a location could be tricky for coffee shops. If the place is not right, it’ll make the business hard to be profitable and to increase sales. Yes, other elements are also essentials. The combination of qualified product, product quality, and customer service. But for customer’s convenience, location matters.

Some researchers around the area must be done and sometimes coffee business all over the world without a strategic or right place should have been going down, logically speaking. But as we said above, other elements have their own roles. Consider locating where you want to open your business or are there any cafe around.

We found the most strategic locations for you to open your new coffee business, but still, you need to do some research on your market. Who will be your target? Consider the regulatory issues, laws, taxes, property or rental price, and the rules around the neighbourhood or the building.

1. Make It Close To The Library
It’s a great location for coffee business! Libraries would be frequently visited by high school students, college students, university students, and some people who are just simply trying to find a new information. The hunger to study will make them restless and they will need coffee! Caffeine will help increase their alertness and it’ll be very convenient for them if the coffee shop is very close, just a walk away.

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2. Near a Bookstore
You can set your place near the bookstore or maybe collab and open it in the bookstore. Some bookstores have a coffee shop inside of their store and it may not look packed, but people are coming non stop here and there all over again. It’s complementary and a person who just bought the book might wanna read it right away for a few hours at the coffee shop.

3. Close to P.O. Box Service Centre or Post Office
Post office itself could create traffic, people might wanna ‘take a break’ from all that and relax at your coffee shop and they will start relying on your place.

4. Near the 24 Hour Laundry Mats
Waiting is evil. People can spend two to three hours waiting for their clothes to be washed and dried, they might as well go to your coffee shop and wait there. It’ll be more comfortable and maybe they would order a croissant or cookie.

5. Near a Pet Grooming Business
This almost has the same situation with the laundry mat. The puppy owners will wait for hours to get their puppy all groomed and cleaned, they might as well go to your place, wait there, do their work, read or have a nice meal. If your coffee shop allows pets to come in, they might bring their pet there after it’s done with its salon session.

6. Near a Few Boutique Shops
It’s not a big news anymore that shopping with a cup of coffee will make it a lot better. You need that energy to search for the one you really want out of all the shops there! You also need to rest for a bit and rethink which one you wanna buy.

7. Consider to Open the Coffee Shop Near Museums & Other Cultural Places
The reality now is that museums have their own coffee shops, but when you see the chance and they don’t have it, just swoop in! The benefit is getting constant traffic of people visiting the museums and cultural places. You won’t run out of customers.

8. Set It Up Near Indie Music Stores
Indie music and coffee go together like a hamburger and cheese or ketchup, like pizza with pepperonis. There will be some indie communities who love the music and might visit. You’ll get a specific type of customer.

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9. Set It Up Near Game Stores or Comic Book Shops
Gaming stores are getting popular and would be beneficial if they have a coffee shop as their neighbour.

10. Near Sandwich Shops
Coffee will be very complementary to light bites and other small eateries. It’s very popular in Southern California.

Besides all the top ten, consider opening your coffee shop near the candle and home decor shops, it works almost the same as a boutique. You might need rest from searching the one that you want.

Flower shop, it can be beneficial while someone is waiting for the flower to be prepared or just have a quick takeaway coffee. Near the movie theatres could work too, having caffeine before the movie starts will be more fun since your adrenaline will increase. Near the art galleries, work the same like museums while you can enjoy your cup of joe and enjoy looking at the art. How peaceful that could be.

Why does this matter? All business need to have foot traffic to survive and to be sustainable. It would help your business last for years once they know where you are and keep the new ones coming if you have a good location. It might also help contribute values to the people around the coffee shop and help the community.

Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect location. You know the right place for you according to your market. You know it from your budget and how you want to brand your coffee shop for the people to know and the community to enjoy.

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