Productivity Could Be Affected By Coffee in 5 Ways

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Employees and employers are very likely to reach for their daily caffeine intake when they need energy boost. Some might get it from sodar or an energy drink, but coffee still wins people’s heart.

Caffeine starts all the addiction and it’s likely to impact mental clarity and performance, the bad news is besides being addictive, caffeine could lead to weight gain or obesity.

However, coffee has its positive sides. The growing popularity of bulletproof coffee couldn’t be denied for good business and entrepreneurship and antioxidant is one of the most popular beverage.

Hmm so does it good for you and your body? What does it have to do with my productivity? Here are some points we could show you to consider your daily caffeine intake.

1. Improves alertness and mental performance

Medical writer Stephen Braun stated that adenosine, a compound in your brain that causes drowsiness could be blocked by caffeine. This is why we feel more energised and feel less tired after we consume our cup of joe.

In appropriate low doses, caffeine also said to improve mental performance and alertness. But keep in mind that coffee affect people in different ways. Personal response of each individuals could be different. It also depends on your personal response to the dosage you have that day or your daily intake. Also, age, hours of sleep and weight play quite a major factor. You should be alert that your body could build up tolerance to caffeine over time, so one cup might not be enough anymore for you and might not give the same boost as it used to.

coffee benefits

In fact, one cup won’t make you feel the kick, but two cups could probably do that. It just means you’ve been hooked on caffeine a long time. Moreover, coffee can develop your cognitive functions, memory, alertness and energy. Note that the effect is not long term.

2. Effect your sleep quality

Caffeine shouldn’t effect your your sleep in small dose, but if you consume too much coffee as you know it, it will make you harder to sleep. You’d have an unhealthy sleeping cycle if you keep on doing that. A longer range may add anxiety on the list.

Over consumed caffeine may result in upset and growling stomach or heart palpitations. There is a greater focus on sleep now than the past, fueled by conflicting viewpoints between the hustle mentality that entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone promote, and the opposing perspective set forward by the likes of James Altucher and Arianna Huffington.

You’re the one who can decide what’s best for you and keep track of your sleeping cycle.

3. It may enhance your willpower

Okay, people say your willpower is depending on you and depleted throughout the day. This might be one of the reasons Steve Jobs was known to wear the same outfit every single day. He didn’t have to think about what he was going to wear when he got up in the morning, and thus able to save willpower for bigger decisions.

It turns out that coffee can strengthen your willpower and self-control, when you’re exhausted. Making a big decision when you’re tired isn’t wiseful. You could end up compromising your values, putting pressures and burden on yourself that’s actually not necessary.

coffee benefits

Drinking coffee before your day, may help you stand your ground and make better decisions. This is a good thing to keep in mind if you have a busy day ahead or have a very important meeting.

4. Increase blood pressure and adrenaline if consumed the wrong time

A strong mental for entrepreneurs are constantly needed, this could help you or burned you out.

The tendency to drink coffee is high and as it turns out this could be the wrong time to consume your coffee because it could increase your blood pressure and adrenaline levels. This could tire you out and make you feel even tired.

5. It helps you learn faster

Many entrepreneurs are prolific consumers of content, whether it’s articles and blog posts, magazines, trade journals, books, podcasts or videos. This information helps them make decisions, innovate and implement new ideas in their business.

Entrepreneurs center their content about their customers, like profilic consumers. Whether it’s articles, blog posts, magazine and books. This helps them make decisions and give them fresh ideas.

A study require focus and attention, which, like willpower, can lessen throughout the day. It’s been learned that 200mg of caffeine could help you analyse words and phrases faster than you could without having your coffee. Many people achieve their goal, skills and learn everything with the help of coffee and it might just be what you need to increase your focus to study or anything if that helps.

The bottom line

It’s vital to be aware of both the positive and negative sides of coffee. Average use, with keeping track to your sleeping habits and stress levels, can be very beneficial for you. In the meantime, be aware of your own health, know what’s right for you and set boundaries for what’s best and what’s not for you.

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