Nutritionist: “Quit Coffee.” Science: “Coffee Is Awesome For You.”

Lisa Axelrad, an L.A. nutritionist and personal trainer always tell their new clients not to worry because she won’t ever take away coffee from her clients. Coffee has been related to health and wellness world. As a nutritionist, she doesn’t diminish coffee for her clients, but Axelrad is not happy when her clients use it too much and other nutritionists also sure about coffee that its energising effects indicate to a nutritional deficiency.

A natural, organic, plant based diets also increasing in the health and beauty world and even more nutritionists suggest people to get themselves off coffee and get the supplies of their energy from vegetable to heavy diets without caffeine. Tom Brady strict vegan diet doesn’t include coffee and he admit that he never had a cup of coffee in his life, ever.

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But how tho?! There are very tiny little rare whatsoever evidences that coffee is actually bad for you and the medical world suggest coffee is a fountain of youth and linked it to lessen or lower the risk of skin cancer, also parkinson, liver disease, depression, with improved cognitive function and a longer life.

As we already knew, coffee is a drug, the most popular drug, an addiction just like any other drugs. Told David Wiss, the founder of Nutrition in Recovery in L.A. and MEL’s resident diet expert.

Maybe you stumble at Wiss use of addiction and it seems to be a lot to process and is a dangerous thing if you have an addiction for alcohol as well. A person who has to drink coffee in the morning only after they wake up and continuously consuming it throughout the day will not be entirely different from someone who needs a sip of gin in the morning to ease him or herself.

Our bodies are healthier than you think even though those super high up, powerful, rich pharmaceutical industry want you to believe that you need their products, their products can help you, ease your mind and stuff. It’s almost the same thing as coffee industry. They want you to believe that their product is normal, healthy, could change your life and could change your lifestyle.

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Wiss told that there’s a ton of research that will prove to you that coffee is good for you. And coffee industry is huge. Wiss is suspicious about a lot of the data that say that coffee is not harmful, but it appears to be an effort of the coffee industry. No one will ever know.

He admit that his clients achieve great advantages after reducing and slowly removing coffee from their diets. Without coffee, you’ll have better hydration, better sleep, and less fatigue because you don’t feel the need to have coffee every single day and it’s a drug! But the most change that he noticed about his clients is mostly behavioural. Some people might have treat their surroundings with a bit of temper, or energy or anything else with a cup of coffee, not by referring to their diet issues. Without coffee, people tend to have better impulse control in their lives.

However, Axelrad is not as concerned as Wiss. She insisted that a cup for a day is totally fine, but cutting coffee can help somebody’s diet to have less fatigue. It’s like as if you’re cutting meat and cheese. Forget about all your obsessions and start going natural. She too, admit that she still has a cup of coffee every morning and looking forward to have another cup for tomorrow! And looking forward to the day where she doesn’t have to take it anymore.

coffee diet

Sarah Greenfield, her fellow LA based trainer and also a nutritionist suggest clients should try to reduce coffee, even eliminate coffee from their diets. Unless it will be consumed before a workout! That’s energy boost for you and can be a real benefit. Greenfield told that people can have a good relationship with coffee in some cases. But, if you only need it for your lifestyle and to get energy stimulant, you need to check on your lifestyle.

Coffee has never been bigger, we all see coffee everywhere. Starbucks, popular high end cafes and more. It seems to be a very important place and is close to American culture and growing becoming others culture as well. The cultural obsession for a cup of joe is why it’s so hard to  kick the habit. Wiss says “for your average Joe, coffee isn’t easily identified as a problematic substance.” He thinks that there’s a bit of scientific evidence that it’s bad for people, but the truth and the actual evidence is that people do get better after stop drinking coffee.

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