Warm and Tasty, Varian Modified Drink and Cake From Continental Coffee Beans


In Indonesia, we find seven popular coffee beans which have the best quality than the other continental coffee beans from the other country. Those are seven popular beans in Indonesia with have the unique characteristics from each original area.

  1. Javanese Coffee has the unique characteristics from the acid. It growth at Ijen Crater and contain the lowest acid than the other coffee in Indonesia.
  2. Toraja Coffee growth in Sulawesi Island and It becomes the best production of Arabica Coffee in the world.
  1. Sindikalang Coffee have the high quality because it growth in the mountain which have some minerals.
  1. Lintong Coffee, which is growing in Sumatra Island, is the the most popular     coffee in the world. It is packed with combination of taste and smell from chili. It makes this coffee tastier than the other.
  2. Gayo Coffee which from Aceh Island has gotten Fair Trade Certified from International Fair Trade Organization in 2010.
  3. Wamena Coffee contain litle waste. It is the unique characteristic which is best choice for me time activity.
  1. Luwak Coffee is the original from the feses of Luwak animals. Thus, this coffee have natural fermentation. It is the reason why Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee bean in the world, even it has gotten a noble from Guiness Book of Record.

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From the characteristics of the local coffee beans above, Indonesian coffee has the International quality. Some of countries in the world use Indonesian Coffee beans for joining the business. Indonesian Coffee beans is the most expensive in the world because it have best quality the the others. Therefore, the international coffee beverages usually combine the ingredients with the Indonesia Coffee Beans.

From Indonesian, let’s explore our knowledge about the continental coffee beans in the world, especially In Europe and American. As we know, Luwak Coffee is the continental coffee beans , which is original from Indonesia, but those coffees is  processed in Europe and American. It was packed with the International brand and distribute them in some countries at Europe.

Other international brand coffee

Here! There are some international brand continental coffee which have the good quality based on the Otten Magazine version.

  • Saint Helena Continental Coffee Beans

Saint Helena Coffee is produced in small Island near South Pacific Ocean. This place is the favorite choice from Napoleon Bonaparte. In this island, the coffe must be dried during four months. In addition, Saint Helena Coffee have the unique taste with floral-fruity hints. The aromatic smell like caramel and citrus. In 2013, this coffe got the noble as Coffee of The Year on the Spilling The Beans Version.

saint helena continental coffee

  • Hacienda La Esmeralda, Geisha Coffee

The other name of this continental coffee beans is geisha coffee. It produced in the coffee yard of Hacienda La Esmeralda. This coffee is growing in the New Mountain Crater, Panama. This coffee become well-down if it is kept during 40 till 60 days. This coffee has won some competitions in quality aspects. In 2007, this coffee become the winner as the Roster’s in SCAA award.

  • La Cima, Finca El Injerto

This coffee is planted on Huehuetenango, it is growing in the west Guatemala, which have high around 1.650 mdpl. Among the forest that have 1.000 years old, this coffee growth in there. This is the reason why this coffee has the unique character. This coffe has Bourbon aromatic.

We should know that the Sumatra Coffee beans has distributed in Strabuck Coffee in Europe and American. This coffee growth in land of Toba Lake-South Sumatra. It planted and cultivated by the farmer comunities in Simalungun Village. They distribute grean coffee bean and roasted coffee bean.

best coffee beans

In Indonesia, we find the varian Indonesian coffee beverage that have unique smell and taste, such as Kopi Tubruk, Talua Coffee, Kopi Joss and Luwak Coffee. The Indonesian coffee beverage have the rich taste. It also become popular beverage in the world. Therefore, they have expensive price. In the other countries at the world, here are varian baverage from continental coffee bean based on masirul blog

  • Macchiato

Macchiato is the varian coffee beverage which is fickled from continental coffee beans and little steam milk without blending. It looks as the coffee powder at the top of espresso. There are two kinds of Macchiato, such as latte macchiato and espresso macchiato.

  • Espresso

This is the popular italian beverage which is ficled from Italian continental coffee beans. Espresso is made from Brewing Machine. From this machine process, the water is processed in high pressed. The result, coffee extract are filling out with this water.

  • Cappucino

Cappucino is the complete varian coffee that is favourite beverage in the world. There are three important components in Cappucino, such as foam, espresso and milk. The thin of the Cappucino foam is 2 centimeters.

  • Caffe Latte

The term of Latte have the definition from the milk. This taste is combined from espresso and milk. The composition of coffee is more higher than milk. The comparation between coffee and milk are 3:1. Some of them, Caffe Latte use the comparation 4:1

  • Long Black

One of popular coffee in Australia is Long Black. It similiar with the espresso, but have the liquid teksture. This beverage is filled espresso on the top of hot water. The coffee bean on Long Black Coffee is original from Sumatra Island.

coffee cake cookies

Continental coffee beans is not only ficled by the beverages but also the cakes and cookies. Let’s see the cookies and cake that is made from continental coffee beans compositions.

  • Cookies Milk Coffee

This cookies are made from continental coffee beans. It was cooked in oven during 15 minutes. The taste similiar with biscuits that made from coffee. This cookies usually have the chocolate topping.

  • Biscuit Ball Coffee Snow

This cookies is the best choice for dinner with family or friend. The taste of this cake is sweet and it have the coffee aromatic smell. The shape like a small ball. It has the coffee topping.

Talking about continental coffee beans, there are many advantages for us if we consumed this coffee. It make the power and energy for us, so we can start our job activity. The aroma from the continental coffee beans makes our mood to be rileks. Drinking a cup of coffee protect us from the stress. If you feel bored, you can drink it in cafe. However, some people doesnt interest with the pure coffee becuase it has bitter taste. It can be solved with the combination of coffee and syrup, milk or chocolate.

In the other conditions, there are some negative effects if we drink too much coffee. The caffeine in a cup of coffee could appeared insomnia. If we have insomnia, we sometimes feel headache and stress. The strong coffee is not recommended for the people who have heart diseases. To control consume a cup of coffee, we should drink a glasses of water. Making a physical exercise every morning and eating some nutrtion food that made from fruits and vegetable. It is not bad if we interest to drink a coffee, but we should control this. How the way to controt it? We must effort to change our healthy lifestyle, such as go to the gym and jogging although we seldom to drink coffee in the night.


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