The Swiftest Way To Make Coffee

Too busy to make coffee? The saying too much to do too little time works describe your life just right? You want a shot of espresso but you want it to be quick? Chill. You can start right now to make your own coffee, ready to go drink with these several methods.

There are various options to have your coffee and let yourself enjoy a nice, rich, tasty cup made by yourself. Minus the long wait or the wrong name spelling. You can enjoy what’s made by you and learn more about it.

Single Serve Coffee Makers
The K-cup, also known as The Keurig 55, is very convenient. It only takes two minutes to have a great of coffee, from start to finish and the brewing time is even quicker- only less than one minute. Just put the coffee into the machine, press the button and there you go. The thing about this machine is that there will be a lot of waste.

keurig 55

AeroPress was introduced by Aerobie president, Alan Adler. It was first introduced in 2005. It’s a faster, modern new version of French Press. Great mobility, means it’s smaller and more compact. The brewing time would only be 30 seconds. Could be less, could be more depending on you, the coffee brewer master. It’s also micro filtered so you won’t be bothered with coffee grind particles. It also taste less bitter than everything else. AeroPress uses more finer grin than drip coffee, but more coarse than espresso.


Super Automatic Espresso Machines
This will reach into your pocket more than the others. It could cost about a hundred dollars to thousand of dollars. It’s fast and easy tho! And it does everything for you, the time of thinking and work. Heat, calibrate the water, grind the beans, the dosage. All to fulfill your heart’s desire with just a touch of button. It’ll only be for 30-45 seconds!

coffee machine

French Press
French Press is a very old school way of creating coffee. It’s simple, modest, and excellent with no doubts! The brewing time would be about four minutes to thirty seconds. The water should be boiled first, put the coffee grinds into the French Press, stir it as if you’re cooking your coffee for a few minutes before drinking it. French Press will be the one to take most of your time, but hey this is not an electrical appliance so you can bring it if you go camping in the middle of the woods!

french press

The bottom line
If time is of the essence and you need a quality cup of coffee, fast coffee makers are a lifesaver. Consider how much time you got to make your coffee. Do you need something super quick, or the normal ones would suit you just fine? Or do you need electricity or not and where do you wanna make your coffee? Office, house, or you wanna take it on vacation with you? If so, you might need something easy and portable. Manual coffee makers are the most effective in some aspects like cost, for example and they’re easy.


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