How To Brew Coffee Just Like The Experts

How To Brew Coffee Just Like The Experts

A nice brewed cup of coffee could be the highlight of your day. To some people, this may be a point which it could ruin their whole day or turn it all around as their beautiful day. That’s how important and precious coffee is to some people. Coffee before duties, before work, before socialize, and before everything else. That’s why a good brew is essential!

How to get a nice brew?

It’s quite simple and easy once you get to it. Forget about Rachel from FRIENDS sitcom TV show. Their friends would only take the coffee if she’s not the one brewing it. First thing first, all you gotta do is pour hot water, not until it’s very boiling, just boiling is enough. Pour the water onto ground coffee beans and let it brew. The most simple method would be using some of these:

  1. A filter
  2. A percolator
  3. A French Press

french press

Once it’s all done, you will end up with:

1, Filtered coffee

  1. Drip brewed coffee
  2. Pour-over coffee
  3. Ground coffee

This is what actually happens when you brew your coffee:

On the journey when hot water passes through the ground coffee, it absorbs the oil and essence from the coffee, then it goes into the server, pot, glass or whichever the thing you use to collect it. The coffee grounds will stay in the filter and won’t go down on your coffee in the server.

Drip brewing

filter coffee

The most popular method of coffee brewing. Some people want it to e automatic so you can just turn and flip the switch button and our coffee will be done for you. However, the manual drip coffee brewing gives you more control over the brewing process. It makes you think, wonder, and control how much water do you want, how much coffee and time is one of those considerations as well. You can think of it as a ratio. If you don’t want to waste much time for that, you can get the automatic ones or the small portable drip brew. Just simply pour hot water and the coffee will drip straight into the cup. However, keep in mind that some of the coffee’s essences and oils could be left behind if you use the paper filter because it doesn’t contain sediments. Whilst the metal filters do not dispossess these essences.

Your consideration to get the paper filter or metal one is depending on you, which one would you like the most, easy for you and how you want the brew to taste like. Taking your brewing skill to the next level is essential. It’ll make your day brighter or simply give you a boost in the middle of the day. A flawless brewed cup could never go wrong.


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