Enjoy Drink a Cup of Cofee Everywhere with Mobile Coffee Roaster


Nowadays, we not only visit to one cafe for drinking a cup of coffee with our friend. For enjoying the processes to make a coffee, we can do it everywhere with our friends. Mobile Coffee Roaster is the best choice for us if we want to drink a cup of coffee like in a cafe with the different situation.

The  Short History of Mobile Coffee Roaster

            The legend of Mobile Coffee Roaster is come from the discovering coffee in Ethiopia. It start from the story of Khaldi who is a farmer. He had some goats. The goats walked in to buses. They ate some fruits like a cherries. Then the farmer collected the cherries which had eaten by them. He thought that he could not eat it like his goats did. Thus, the farmer roasted the fruit like cherries on the fire flame before ate it. He knew that the smell is aromatic. Next, he filled the hot water with this fruit beans and he drank it. Finally, he understood that the taste of this fruit was delicious. The farmer interseted after he knew that the colour change of this fruits is coffee beans. Therefore, in developing of the era in Ethiopia, Mobile Coffee Roaster is created.

mobile coffee roaster

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The Development of Mobile Coffee Roaster

  • Traditional Mobile Coffee Roaster

This tools used the efforts from the human. The people used the big pan to fry the coffee beans. The stove use the fire woods to roast the coffee. The people must blend this coffee continuing till the coffee roasted.

  • Mini Mobile Coffee Roaster

This mobile coffee roaster is usefull for home industry. The coffee entrepeneur usually use this tools for the coffee beans. It product a little coffee powder. This machine have the simple design, so we can borrow it to the other places.

  • Small Mobile Coffee Roaster

Comparing with Mini Mobile Coffee Roaster,the small coffee roaster is the bigger than one. It used by the owner of cafe. The capacity of the coffee beans that suitable with this machine around 0,5 till 1 kilograms. Therefoe, this machine have the small capacity place or small drum.

  • Automatically Mobile Coffee Roaster

This machine are not using the power of human, but it using the power from electricity motor machine and gas tube. The motor machine is used for the cycling of the big drum. In addition, the gas tube stove is used for the burning  big drum. The coffee is roasting when the big drum cycling the rotation.

  • Import Mobile Coffee Roaster

Based on the developing in modern era, there is an import mobile coffee wich has modern design and simple. This machine has many automatic knop to press the controlling coffee master machine. It is using the digital system depend on the some fiturs on the computer. This system are connect with the process of roasting coffee. It more simple and faster because we are not use the human or fire power. We just need the electricity power. The example of import mobile coffee roaster is Buhler Roaster Coffee Machine, Probat  Coffee Roaster Machine and  Froco Coffee Roaster Machine.

coffee bean roaster machine

From the kinds of Mobile Coffee Roaster above, we know that this machine should have the complete component. Therefore, those the component from this Coffee Roaster Machine are following:

  • LPG Stove

LPG stove is using for the source of roasting coffee. It usually use for the drum rotation. So, this stove is important for this machine to help the process of coffee roasting

  • Electricity Motor

The electriticy motor machine is the main part from Mobile Coffee Roaster. It has the function to change electric energy to the kinestetic energy in cycling or moving. It have important function as the activator for cycling the drum or the frying coffee tube.

  • Reducer or Gearbok

This component is using for the speed reducing from rotation speed or rpm of electricity motor. In fact, this component can be used for changing the speed from 1400 rpm into 700 rpm. In can be conclude that this component change the rotation speed into half slower.

  • Drum or tube

This tube or drum usually made from stainless. The shape of this component is small silinder. It aslo have some fins. These have the function as the coffe beans tube box which are blended and roasted.

It is the reason why some people use the import mobile coffee roaster in their home industry or cafe. Actually, this machine has many function for the owner of home industry or cafe.

  • Fastest Coffee Roasting

With using the modern or automatically mobile coffee roaster, the coffee   roasting is processed faster and easier than the traditional technique. In the manual technique, the process to roast the coffee need a long time.

  • Economical Energy

The modern coffee roaster machine is made with simple design. It usefull for the economical energy, so the energy power from the stove is not expelled useless. The steam hot can be used effectively. This functional only can be used for the steaming drum from the roaster drum.

  • Economical Human Source

The utilizing of electrical motor machine as the subtitution of human source. Thus, it can helped the machine operator to roast the coffee.  The people who have the duty as the operator coffee machine, can be used it. They will have the eficient time while they roast the coffee with using this machine.

  • Well done product of coffee bean roast

This machine can blend the coffee beans with using some fins. The fins on

this drum machine are roasting the coffee beans smoothly. However, the  different kinds of brand mobile coffee roaster have the different product.

  • The design of mobile coffee roaster is very simple.

Mobile coffee roasted is made with the simple design. It has some purposes why this machine is simply and useful. The coffee maker can use this machine everywhere, so they can bring mobile coffee roaster in home or the other places. It also useful for the user when they find a trouble. If this machine have some troubles, the user is not difficult to repair this machine


However, we should be carefully when we choose the mobile coffee roaster. We should understand with the characteristic of this machine. For example, we will inform you about the good specification of a mobile coffee roaster.

mobile coffee beans roaster

The  Complete Specification of Mini Mobile Coffee Roaster

It usually has the drum capacity into 5 kilograms in each process. The frying or roasting drum is made from stainless plat. It also have front plendes which made from iron plat. It using steamer source from LPC stove. The moving electricity motor have the power energy into 180 watt. This machine usually completed with termometer needle pin and indicator stick for checking roasted coffee. The duration of roasting coffee with this machine approximately 15 till 20 minutes. This process after the coffee is filled on machine untill the coffee beans well-done.

In modern era, there are some kinds of mobile coffee roaster which has shopisticated functional. It can be processed by using digital system. Thus, there are some cafe with using truck concept, so it need the simple mobile coffee roaster that can be brought everywhere. However, we should know that the taste and smell from coffee which is producted from modern machine and traditional process have different characteristics. They have different unique aromatic and smell in each process technique.


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