Does Coffee Truly Give You Energy?

Coffee is part of our daily routines. 55% of American adults or productive age consume coffee everyday. If you’re a coffee drinker and love what it gives to your body, yes the surge of energy you experience from drinking coffee comes from the stimulant effect of caffeine on your brain. Black coffee contains some number of calories and is actually a good source of energy and nutrition.

Nutrient Value
Black coffee is not exactly calorie-free, even though it has very few calories. Coffee beans are the seeds from coffee trees and contain natural fats, sugar and also protein. Some nutrients do present in coffee even though only in a small amount and the dilution from water makes the final concentrations really low. Only about two calories contain in a cup of black coffee. So the calories in black coffee are not responsible for your energy boost.

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The Effects of Caffeine
Normal cups of coffee contains caffeine and a fat soluble chemical could easily pass from your bloodstream into your brain tissue. The activities in your brain will be controlled by the chemicals called neurotransmitters, which stimulate brain cells or quiet them. Adenosine is a quieting neurotransmitter. Caffeine attaches to adenosine receptors of the brain cells and blocking the quieting effect from the neurotransmitter. So the effect would be stimulation. Increasing activity of your brain cells is under the influence of the caffeine that you consumed.

Metabolic Energy vs. Mental Alertness
Physical energy and mental alertness is not the same thing. Let’s see it from a metabolic perspective. Energy is for the work of living like your muscles for example, it requires energy contract and similar to your brain cells that consume energy. It makes you think and learn. You get your energy by having your carbs, fats and proteins from the food you eat like rice, bread, etc.

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Caffeine contains in coffee is not an energy substance if we speak metabolically. Our bodies can’t metabolise caffeine to give power to our cells. It’s like antidepressant or pain reliever it doesn’t provide calories. The stimulant effect would give the perception of increased energy because your mental alertness is increasing. Not your energy.

Coffee have been widely studied, and a lot of people have done tons of researches about it and sometimes it’s not a new knowledge for us anymore. But, coffee may have protect our liver if consumed the right dose and decrease the risk of heart desease. Two cups are not even harmful for us. But, if you feel like it does something odd to your body, you can consult with your physician about it.

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