Verbeter uw koffiekennis met lezen

brew better coffee at home

Improve Your Coffee Knowledge With Reading Do you know that there are lots of books about specialty coffee that you can read? You can improve your coffee knowledge to the next level with reading. Coffee […]

Hoe uw baan en uw kantoor uw productiviteit beïnvloeden

coffee and productivity

How Your Job and Your Office Impacts Your Productivity Do you have any idea about how your job and office impacts your productivity? No lies we love the salary and that’s probably one of the […]

Be a Better Writer With Coffee


Be a Better Writer With Coffee Coffee is a superhero we never acknowledged. It has the ability to make you seize your day, boost yourself and somehow give you the willing to socialise with strangers […]

Sodium Level Affected by Caffeine

morning coffee

Sodium Level Affected by Caffeine We all know everything that’s too much will never be good for your health. Everything has its side effects or long-term effects. Our habits of eating and drinking are something […]

DIY: Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

coffee scrub

DIY: Homemade Coffee Body Scrub Jules Aron shares a simple homemade coffee body scrubs for us girls to make at home! She’s a well known public figure in wellness, a certified yoga teacher, health coach […]

The Endless Battle of Tea and Coffee


Tea and coffee are the most popular, most common beverage to be consumed in the whole wide world and it creates a cold inside battle in the society. Which one is the best? Which one […]

Your Metabolism Is Affected By Coffee

coffee and tea

Coffee has been linked to various health benefits and issues. There’s a small study which suggest your daily intake of coffee could affect your body’s metabolism in very few ways that you thought. The study, […]

“Cold-Brew Coffee Is More Beneficial For You” Is That True??

cold brew

The highest beverage trend is now belong to cold brew coffee. It kicked off in early summer of 2014 and soon spread wide all over the world. It soon became a fetish. However, curiosity is […]

Live Longer By Consuming Alcohol & Coffee

Breaking news: it is found that people who consume average amount of beer or wine, along with double cups of coffee could increase their own chances to live longer. Yes, our beloved readers we are […]

More Coffee, The Longer Your Life Could Be


This finding have surfaced ages ago about the health effects of coffee. A study has surveyed over 520,000 people in 10 different European countries. It’s a very large, could possibly be the largest study on […]