Brewing Tips for Beginners to Pour Over Method

For many of you beginners and as a coffee connoisseur and soon-to-be pour over expert, here are are 4 crucial brewing tips which can take you over newbie to pour over expert:

  1. Temperature

The optimum temperature for pour over coffee water is 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll find it’s easy to achieve this by bringing your own water to a boil and after that letting it sit for about thirty seconds to minute. Here’s a guide to how you can achieve water temps utilizing the boil-and-wait method. As with almost every facet of this coffee making method you’ll learn to know when your water is in the right temperature without a thermometer eventually.

If you wish to bring a technology into the procedure, you can easily attempt a smart kettle. These kettles will bring the water to a particular temperature and keep it there till you’re ready to use it into your gooseneck kettle.

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V60, pour over

  1. Rinsing The Paper Filter

Sounds just like it’s not important, but really, please do rinse your paper filter because you may never know precisely what compound could be on this or at it, it could possibly alter the taste of your coffee and could affect the aftertaste as well. To do rinse correctly, you only have to place the brewer in the dripper and after that pour water around it into a circle (making certain to get up the sides) for about five seconds to wash the filter, then discard the water in the cup or carafe that ran through it.

This can make a far better tasting cup of coffee with the added bonus of helping your filter stick to the sides of your dripper.

  1. Wetting or Blooming Process

You’ll detect in pour over bean guide’s the concept of wetting, or blooming. It’s science time! Grinding those coffee beans is the buildup in the grinds of CO2. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the CO2 won’t even allow the water to penetrate the grinds unless it is released first. You release the CO2 by wetting the coffee.

As part of any fantastic coffee making procedure you’ll pour water into your reasons to wet them, then you’ll see them blossom — this is when they release CO2. Do this by:

  • Adding only the appropriate quantity of water to get all the reasons wet.
  • Stopping for about thirty seconds so that you can allow the CO2 escape.
  • Watch the reasons expand and swell with the water — it’s blooming!

blooming process, wetting

At this point, the reasons also happen to release a really wonderful odor, so go ahead and take benefit of this at the wetting/blooming phase of brewing your coffee.

  1. Consistency

Not only can it assist you to correct any mistakes you make on the way, but it permit you to experiment whenever you get the basics down.

  • Use a good quality scale that is concise.
  • Use a quality burr grinder.
  • Follow the brewing guide ‘to the T’ in order to get a glorious final product. Believe me; you’ll only thank me later for this pearl of wisdom.
  • If you really want to nail it – record everything in the beginning.

For better results always remember that practice is key!


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