Beginners Guide to V60 Pour Over Method

What is V60?
It’s simple, clean, available. In the event that you’re getting into coffee, drip brewing is a fantastic starting point. You’ll likely have seen someone utilizing a dripper that is hand-brew before — an inverted cone-shaped funnel draining coffee through a filter.

Still unsure? We’ve got a couple here and here.

This single-cup brewing procedure is commonplace in coffee houses around the globe, creates a cup, and doesn’t even need connoisseurship to ideal.

The consequence of V60 is a lighter bodied, delicate brew with high clarity, therefore great for brewing more professionally and also a means to really start to comprehend the subtle nuances of specialty coffee. It requies no machine like the espresso machine for example, that’s why this could be called manual brewing.

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V60, pour over


  • V60 Dripper funnel (or similar)
  • Kettle
  • Cup (for waste)
  • Burr grinder (optional)
  • Spoon
  • 15g of freshly ground coffee per 250ml cup
  • Hario Kettle (optional – but helps to extract evenly)
  • Filter paper
  • Measuring spoon or scales (optional)

Remember that most of the items listed above are optional depending on your personal preference.


1. Publish your paper filter along the seam and then into a cone. Put the cone into your V60 (which ought to be sitting on top of a cup or jug).

2. Scrub the filter by pouring warm water through it and into the cup (then tip out the surplus).

3. Put your coffee in the cone and then gently shake flat.

4. Put your V60 and cup (or jug) on the scale.

5. Start the timer. Pour in 50g of water, covering the coffee, which makes it bloom.

6. After thirty seconds pour in 100g of water. Pour in concentric circles, into the coffee itself (not the surfaces of the filter paper!) .

7. After one minute, pour in 50g water.

8. In 90 seconds, add another 50g.

9. All of your water (250g of it) ought to be in by the 90-second mark. Now, let it trickle until finished.

10. Your brew ought to be done within two to 3 minutes.

11. When it’s taking longer than anticipated, coarsen the grind next time. When it’s operating proceed nicer.

V60 Brewing Tips
– The V60 won’t even get obstructed unless you use a fine size. Water flows so that you can go finer than you may be able to with some other drippers, remember that how you flow the water could affect the taste and agitation of the coffee.
– Considering that the V60 comes in 4 distinct materials, like plastic, glass and ceramics, take into consideration the material you’ll be preheating. It can take longer to heat the ceramic model than the stainless steel, glass, plastic or copper editions.
– Pour counter-clockwise. This may create turbulence in the coffee bed that will cause better extraction.
-About the temperature, you may want to use the thermometer until you get the hang of it, you don’t want the temperature to be too high it’d burn the coffee and leave it taste ashy, you also don’t want the temperature to be too low it’d leave the coffee taste like water.

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