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Never Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach! Here’s The Explanation

Why never Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach! Here’s The Explanation

A lot of people have their coffee first thing in the morning before anything else. They’re putting their health risks at stake and frankly, it’s really not worth the side effects. Consuming coffee before anything else on an empty stomach could damage your stomach lining, cause indigestion, and lead to heartburn. Instead of reducing anxiety, it could increase anxiety and blur your ability to focus. The best time to drink your coffee would be at the brunch time or before and after lunch time.

morning coffee
Getting our coffee first thing in the morning is like a must, especially after a long cold night we had before. A warm cup is like an embrace in the morning. Don’t blame yourself for this habit, since we know coffee has a lot of benefits for the body. Just think it all through again, could you really have it after you fill your stomach with something? Sure you can hold on for a little bit longer before you drink your coffee on an empty stomach.

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To begin with, coffee can take a serious issue with the digestive system. The coffee itself has its own acidity level, and our stomach produces natural acid too, so if your stomach is still empty, the acid will damage the stomach’s lining, cause indigestion, and lead to heartburn. Caffeine or decaffeinated coffee includes.

According to Dr Adam Simon, the chief medical officer at, the risks vary. It can give your body jitters, shakes, and other withdrawal effects like mood swings. It could also increase anxiety, increase heart rate, more irritable feelings and unable to focus.

morning coffee

Having it the first time in the morning could also sabotage the circadian rhythm. What’s circadian rhythm? The internal clock inside our bodies release cortisol, a hormone when you wake up, you feel alert and energised. However, you’d feel the opposite. A study shows coffee could decrease cortisol levels. Instead of giving you an energy boost, mental alertness, and wake you up, it would make you even sleeper! Consider the time you have your coffee.

What if some people consume their coffee first thing in the morning for years and feel absolutely fine? Then your body is used to it and it’s fine for you to keep doing it! For people that are not used to the habit, don’t procced it any longer. Try another habit, try having it at different time and hours. Have a breakfast or meal before you have your cup of joe.


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