With or Without Sugar to Start Your Day?

Caffeine and sugar are the substances people almost always take daily to consume. There are some evidences and it’s nothing new, we all know that caffeine is an addictive drug. Sugar might as well be addictive and if you feel some certain symptoms, the sooner you quit the better.


Caffeine is always there in coffee, tea, cola or soda and chocolate. 80 to 90 percent of North Americans consume caffeine regularly according to Johns Hopkins Medical Center. The average daily intake is about 280 mg. But the most popular caffeine these days is coffee and some people like to combine coffee and sugar.

Side Effects of Caffeine

The happy news is caffeine could increase your alertness on basically everything, elevate your moods and energy. This helps you to stay productive during the day, but the negative side effects, if you consume it too much you’d feel anxious about things and it could really upset your stomach as if you don’t want to eat anything for the rest of the day. It could also decrease your quality sleep and because it’s a drug, in time, you just keep wanting more and increase your dose.

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Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

If you try to quit caffeine, the symptoms would come in. According to World Health Organization you’d feel headaches, fatigue, less motivated, a bit of grumpiness, nausea and a bit of depression


A 20-ounce serving of cola contains about as much sugar as 16 sugar cubes. Despite of it, some amount of glucose is also found in sugar and glucose is a fuel for our body and our brain, but something that’s too much is never good.

Side Effects of Sugar

If you consume sugar heavily, it could disrupt your body’s energy balance and could cause Type 2 diabetes, starin the pancreas as it tries to diminish excess glucose from your body.

Sugar Withdrwal Symptioms

Now if you try to quit sugar or try to decrease your sugar intake there is actually no evidence that it leads to addiction. Bart Hoebel, a psychologist told that some people might have their sugar addiction increase, and would feel more craving on something. Similar to coffee, some people might also feel anxious.


Now which is better when you drink your coffee to start your day, with or without sugar?

The answer is absolutely without sugar. Because you simply don’t add anymore substances in your caffeine, plus, it saves you from diabetes because if you truly enjoy coffee, it’s already sweet enough and we could appreciate the true flavour of the coffee.






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