The Indonesian Assets on the Diverse of Fruity Coffee Beans

  fruity green coffee beans

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We know that our earth have natural resource that can be used by us. There are some kinds of natural resouces from the earth, for example vegetables, fruits, spices and beans. Talking about the beans, we know that some countries provide some kinds of coffees. In Indonesia, there are many places, which have orginal coffee local. It caused by Indonesian soil contain prosperous substantion.

From the many kinds of coffees in Indonesia, fruity coffee beans is the one of coffee that have advantages for us. Before describe about the advantage of this coffee, we will introduce the fruity coffee beans in Indonesia. We should know that Indonesia have many kinds of coffees depend on their taste, aroma and the texture.

Sumatera Coffee Profile with name java
Sumatera Coffee Profile – Click to Enlarge

Sumatra Coffee

Let’s introducing the explanation of traditional coffee in Indonesia! Firstly, Sumatra Coffee. The are many names of coffee Sumatra, such as Sidikalang,Kerinci, Lintong and Mandelin. Those have unique aromatic and earthy. To make this coffee, a barista use two processes technique through semi-washed and dry-processed. This technique usually is planted on ideal propsperity field.

Toraja Coffee

            The kind of Toraja Coffee is similar with the Sumatra Coffee. Differ from the Sumatra Coffee, this coffee has smaller fruity coffee beans. Toraja Coffee also have unique structure. It has glossy teksture from the fruit peel. The flavour of this coffee is rather sour.

Aceh Gayo Coffee

            After knowing the information about the Sumatra Coffee and Toraja Coffee, we should know the description about Aceh Gayo Coffee. It is the unique coffee from Aceh which is the extraordinary district in Indonesia. Aceh Gayo is the kind of the best Arabica Coffee in Indonesia. The component containt of Aceh Gayo Coffee is similiar with Arabica Coffee. However, this coffe has more bitter flavour.

Bali Kintamani Coffee

            It is the kind of coffee that is come from Bali. It has unique flavour than the other coffee because Bali Kintanami Coffee has fruity flavour. The other characteristic from this coffee is the sour and fresh flavour. This flavour similiar with orange and apples. To make this flavour, the farmer usually plant this coffe with the other fruits and vegetables. The farmer use Tumpang Sari technique to mix the flavour from coffee and vegetables. The teksture from this coffee is soft, but it is heavy.

Bajawa Flores Coffee

            It coffees is come from Ngada Regency at the Flores Area, Indonesia. This coffee is planted in the prosperity area. This area have the good condition soil although surrounded by the moutainous range. This coffee should be processed through wet processed technique. It make this coffee has the unique flavour. The coffee has tobacco aromatic smell.

Javanesse Coffee

            Javanesse Coffe is the one of fruity coffe beans which have little spicy aromatic smell. It is refers to rather stronger. It should be processed through wet processed. Javanesse Coffee such as Luwak Coffee is the popular brand of coffee in Indonesia and International. It is the one kind of the Javanesse Coffee.

Javanese Coffee Profile

Wamena, Papua Coffee

            In Papua, there are two areas wich produced coffee. The first area is Baliem Hill. It located near the Jayawijaya Mountain. With the higher between 1.400 up to 2.000 meters from the sea, it is the suitable places for the coffee habitat. This process of fruity coffee beans from Papua is very unique. It usually use wet-hulling process or semi washed process. The farmer plant the coffee without chemical fertilizer, so Wamena coffee is planted with organic system. One of the characteristic from Wamena Papua is heavy body with low acidity and it have chocolate and tobacco aromatic.

From some kinds of coffe, fruity coffee beans have advantages for our healthy. One of the benefit of this coffee is giving good mood for the people. The smell from the coffee can be used from therapy aroma for the body relaxation. This the reason why this coffee is benefit for the beauty face. This coffee is not only used for the relaxation but also for making the masker make up.

In this part, we will describe the formulate from Indonesian fruity coffee beans. Here! There are some traditional beverages from Indonesian Coffee from all the areas in Indonesia.

Talua Coffee Drinking

            This coffee is the traditional drinking from Minangkabau. Talua in the Minangkabau language is the term of ‘egg.’ Therefore, this coffee is formulatted from the mixing coffee powder and part of yellow egg. The ingridients of Talua Coffee is egg, milk, cinamon powder All the ingridients are shaking in a big thumbler. Then filling the blending ingredients with hot coffee water. This water will make the egg welldown. The teskture from the welldown egg is become a unique white foam on the top of coffee drinking. Talua Coffee have advantages for the healthy, for example increasing the man vitality. It caused Talua Coffee drink has complete vitamin and amino acid.

Durian Coffee Drinking

            It is the traditional beverage from Sumatra, which blended from Sumatra fruity coffee beans. If we visit to Sumatra, we will find the traditional food like durian pastry which is filled durian fruit and covered by pastry. Durian is the traditional food from Sumatra and is served accompany with traditional coffe  which made from Sumatra fruity coffee beans, such as Sidikalang and Mandailing. This coffee is not reccomended for the peole who have high colestrol.

Tubruk Coffee Drinking

            This coffe is familiar in Bali and Java. It is the mixing from all variant coffe powder and hot water. In the other places, Tubruk Coffee usually is processed by modern machine. Some of the places, especially in Bali and Java, Tubruk Coffee use the conventional technique process, such as roast traditionally. If the people drinn this coffee, it usually leave the coffee waste in the glasses.

Joss Coffee Drinking

            This original coffee drinking is come from Yogyakarta. Joss Coffee drinking usually sold in Tugu and Malioboro. It is the iconic beverage from Jogjakarta. The characteristics of Joss Coffee is ‘how the way to drink this coffee.’ We must fill the hot charcoal to the coffee water. We can feel the unique sensation from the aromatic coffee . The smell is blending from coffee and charcoal.

kopi joss jogjakarta
Kopi Joss – Coffee served with hot burned charcoal

Kopi Tubruk and Kopi Luwak  are the traditional beverage from Indonesia that have the good quailty in the world.  Those are have same categories based on good taste coffee among the other kinds of coffees beverage in the other countries, for example Espresso, Cappucino, Macchiato, Latte , Frappucino, Flat White, Mochacinno and Americano.

Nowadays, there are many cafe or coffee shops that serve traditional coffee with the modern approach. We know that all the modern coffee drink, for example Cappucino is not only made from Italian fruity coffee beans . We sometimes find that Luwak Coffe and Kopi Tubruk was modified with modern taste like Cappucino. It can be mixed with the milk, mocca and the other beverage. We can see that the local coffee have the popular local brand. It packaged and sold in some shops, for example Kapal Api,  Luwak Coffe and the other brands.

However, we should control our healthy when we drink a coffee because coffee have the caffeine. We may drink a coffee, but don’t be over to drink it. We can drink it with eat some foods which contain the vitamin and nutrition such as fruit and vegetables. Preferable, we drink a coffee once a day and drink some glassesof water and we should go jogging or gym activity every morning.

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