Exploring the Indonesian Coffee Flavor Which is Regarded as the Best Coffee to Drink Black


Indonesia has a large variety of coffee around its island ad all of them are regarded as the best coffee to drink black; even in Sumatra, it has more than 5 types of coffee that can be enjoyed. The difference in Indonesia coffee comes from flavor, varieties, texture, acidity and so on; as it all determines not only by the type of plants that are growth around that area but also the process in creating the beverage.

How does each of those type of coffee likes? If they are different from one and another then how can you differentiate them? Basically you can divide them by colors, smells, and of course the taste. In the following essay, we will discuss bout how each type of coffee from different region in Indonesia can be different than other.

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Finding the Best Coffee to Drink Black in Sumatra Island

There are three major types of coffee that are produced in Sumatra including Gayo, Mandaheling, and Lintong. Each of them is not only planted in different area, as Gayo is mostly found in Aceh, Mandaheling in North Sumatra, and Lintong is mostly planted in south west Toba Lake. Each of them has different flavor, even though most of Sumatra coffees tend to have intense flavor that more likely taste like cocoa, earth and tobacco.

Gayo coffee is considered as a premium coffee which is commonly consumed in Europe as the best coffee to drink black. The reason why this type of coffee is very popular is because it has fresh nutty fragrance with complex flavor which contain vanilla in it.  The texture of the body is medium to high with good acidity, besides Gayo coffee also has low bitterness with classic balance between bold and syrup flavor.

Mandaheling coffee also has complex flavor as it contains herbal, chocolate, clean earthy, woody notes, and spiciness; as the result it is very suitable for cold brew or mix them with milk and cream. Besides those types of coffee, every province in Sumatra are actually have their own type of coffee; so make sure that you taste them when you visit the region.


As the fist coffee plantation area, of course Java has varied of coffee that can be enjoyed. Coffee was firstly brought to Java by VOC; as it cannot be planted in Europe, so they brought it to Indonesia in order to produce more export product to Europe. Coffee in java basically has heavy body and Arabica which also contains sweet impression, the main concentration area where coffees are growth is around Ijen plateau. The coffee beans are harvester during May, June to August and September, while wet washed process is used as the main approach in making the beverage ready to consume.

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The coffee basically tastes likes a combination of Nutty, malty, chocolate, bright, and sweet with right acidity, while the heavy body of the coffee makes them more effervescent than the rest of Indonesian coffee; although in some region the body is lighter with less acidity. The earthiness of java coffee is less than other region such as Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. However, Java coffee becomes one of the favorite of the local people because it has smooth and supple taste.

Choosing Best Coffee to Drink Black in Sulawesi

As one of the main coffee producer, Sulawesi is surely playing the main role in promoting Indonesian coffee. One of the most famous coffees which are produced in Sulawesi is Toraja coffee; the plants are growth around the central highland in Sulawesi Island which is also known as Tana Toraja where the name of the coffee comes from.

Sulawesi coffee has a slight of sweetness with warm spices such as like cinnamon or cardamom and black pepper. As the result, the taste of Sulawesi coffee is not only clean but also smooth and soft.  At least three varieties of coffee are found in Sulawesi including Bourban, Pacas, and Pacamara they are harvested from July to September and proceed by using washed and sun dried approach. The body of the coffee is not only rich but also full, while the aroma is mostly chocolate and almond with spicy, sweet, and smoky taste. The acidity of this coffee is quite low with a combination of rustic sweetness and pungent spicy quality.

Organic Coffee Which is as Best Coffee to Drink Black in Bali

Bali is not only known as tourism destination but also for its coffee that has sweet, nutty, and citrus flavor. The main coffee growing area is concentrated around Kintamani, Batukaru and Agung. People choose Bali coffee not only because it has slight citrus flavor, but also because of its coffee consistency which come out after the thigh control of wet processing method. Not only are those, almost all of the coffees which are produced in Bali are organic with medium roasted.


Papua coffee such as Arona or Sigri are mostly has modest taste with low-toned richness, earthy, and low to moderate acidity. Although they have less aromatic than Toraja, but they are surely fruitiest than the rest of Indonesian coffee. The flavor of Papua coffee is well-balanced, with bright and clean taste. It is suitable for those who prefer a coffee with a classic taste which combines with delicate sweetness, exotic, and fruity aroma.

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Since Indonesia has varied of coffee in each region, each of them can be served differently depend on the characteristic of the coffee but for sure they are all the best coffee to drink black. For those who prefer strong flavor than Sumatra coffee such as Gayo and Mandaheling might be suitable for you. While those who prefer aromatic coffee, we recommend you to choose Toraja coffee. Bali coffee is suitable for people who like to have some citrus accent on their coffee, or those who consider organic product as the main aspect in choosing a beverage. While those with fruity preference can choose Papua coffee that has strong fruitiness compare to the rest of Indonesian coffee.

The variety of flavor in coffee is not only occurring in Indonesia, but also in abroad country that produce coffee beans. The variety is not only about how one nation has different type of coffee compare to others, as some local coffee makers in one regional area might happen to process the coffee in different approach; as the result, the taste of the coffee might be totally different.  It is occur in West Sumatra Indonesia, here both Mandeheling and Linton coffee beans are produced close to each other, but since Lintong coffee face fermentation process; the texture and the flavor of the coffee are different.

Enjoying the flavor of coffee is quite fascinating, as it differs from one are to another. It is the reason why you should enjoy the local coffee brewing in order to experience the freshness of coffee making. Besides, you can also learn new things when you begin exploring the flavor of the coffee, as you can also learn about the local culture, local community, as well as local wisdom.  For an example, Toraja coffee is known for its sweetness as well as its spiciness.

It happens because of some agricultural background. As Toraja not only produce coffee but also spices which are exported to the Europe.  Since they had both spices and coffee, mixing both of them will bring out the flavor that can only be found in Toraja. Instead of buying instant coffee, you should now consider to taste the local coffee products that are available in your location. It is not only to preserve the flavor but also the culture behind its production.

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