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Cold Brew Infused Wine So You Could Have It All In One Go!

Cold Brew Infused Wine So You Could Have It All In One Go!

We know we have those days when we need coffee, but somehow need ourselves some wine as well. Worry no more and brace yourself, for there is a brand called Apothic Wine, which just launched a total brand new red wine infused with cold brew coffee!! Save your time for all the decision making and war inside your brain to choose either one of the two. You’ll be able to have both of your favourite beverages in just one go.

The company claimed this coffee infused wine as a beverage for adults which captures the silky mouthfeel, velvety chocolate aftertaste of cold brew with a hint of juicy blackberry in dark red wine.

They also have their limited edition products which contain 13.5 percent of alcohol by volume. However, the caffeine dose is much lower than the usual cup of coffee. If you seek for a kicking coffee and go for this wine, it’ll be a mistake. But if you seek for a comforting, relaxing flavour, just to unwind it’ll be wonderful with this Apothic Brew.

apothic brew

Let’s discuss more about the company. Apothic is to be the first huge wine label to infuse coffee with red wind, making it a blend. The wine was featured on Good Morning America show and received fabulous review from Cosmopolitan magazine. Be patient people! For this luxurious taste will be able April 1 this year, nationwide. Cheers!!

Blending coffee with other things is not something new these days tho. For example, coffee cakes, coffee milk, coffee ice cream, and coffee beer. Although recently, cold brew coffee is more popular and it’s a thing to blend the cold brew with other drinks.

Deb Juergenson, the Apothic winemaker said that mixing those two beverages are naturally fit. Since wine itself sometimes described as nutty or mocha, very much so related to coffee. This gives them the idea to create Apothic Brew to the next level.

“We had a wonderful time blending this and getting this wine together. So it’s amazing to see the reactions from everyone. Like, ‘Oh wow, that’s different’, that’s exactly what we wanted. Something new, really cool, really fun. Something that brings out a rarity, but still tastes like a red wine.”

The result is flavourful, yet soft and subtle, not too much and overpowering. The people who already try the product in the middle of the day said that it’s awesome, not too bad, really not bad. Very much has that smooth and mild finish at the end. The blend is also praised because it’s far from something tart or acidic. To those who want this to be their energy drink might be let down. Again, as I told above, it doesn’t have the same caffeine dose as the usual cup of coffee.

apothic brew

They refused to be detailed and specific about what kind of roast, process of cold brewing coffee used to blend the Apothic Brew. Company’s secret. What’s certain is the coffee is added before bottling and all grapes used in the red blend, including Petite Sirah, Teroldego, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and more of other varieties. To have the mixing right, it took them half of 2017, about 6 months more or less to get the blend to be perfect. Equals last summer to last winter. It will cost for $14.99 for the limited release this April.

Kristina S. Kelley, the senior director of public relations of Gallo told that, ““People love coffee and people love red wine so now there is something with the best of both together.”

This wonderful drink will be joining the collection and seasonal wines of Apothic’s collection. Including Apothic Dark, Apothic Crush, Apothic Red, Apothic Rosé and Apothic White and seasonal release Apothic Inferno which is a small batch red blend of aging whiskey in barrels.

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/moms/Apothic-Launches-Cold-Brew-Red-Wine-44668384


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