Kafé er det nye arbeidsområdet ditt

coffee as a working space

Coffee Shop Is Your New Working Space A lot of companies have designed the perfect office where their employees can work comfortably, but do you notice a lot of new working space wherever you go? […]

Kaffebar selger ikke bare kaffe på nytt

kaffe og produktivitet

Coffee Shop Isn’t Just Selling Coffee Anymore Coffee may be very common in your area and one of the top beverage to fuel your caffeine intake. However, with advanced technology involved, the culture of the […]

Hvordan jobben din og kontoret påvirker produktiviteten din

kaffe og produktivitet

How Your Job and Your Office Impacts Your Productivity Do you have any idea about how your job and office impacts your productivity? No lies we love the salary and that’s probably one of the […]

Hva er kaffebarnseffektene?

coffee shop

What Is The Coffee Shop Effects? Have you ever heard of the coffee shop effects? Keep reading this article to find out. Are you familiar with those moments when you feel very unproductive in the […]

The Evolution of Coffee Houses

coffee shop as a working space

The Evolution of Coffee Houses Remember a few years ago when Wi-Fi access in coffee shops was considered as something you needed to ‘buy’ and didn’t come free with the drinks you buy? However, everything’s […]

Coffee Trends You Can Follow In Early 2019


Coffee Trends You Can Follow In Early 2019 There are a lot of wonderful things happening in the specialty coffee industry. If you think it’s boring because they always sell the same things or because […]