mushroom latte

Mushiatto: A Mushroom Latte – New Future Trend in Coffee

There’s an avocado latte, now it’s a lot more than that. Beyond that. Can you guess?

Caffeine served in a mushroom or some people may call it “Mushiatto”

According to Surfers Paradise cafe Knox Dining, it said on its social media that:

“Mushrooms are packed full of health benefits; they improve the health of your bones, great for your immune system, and studies show they can lower your blood pressure! With so much of the proven health benefits of coffee, why not combine the two for one powerful superfood?”

mushroom latte

The regular consumers would drink coffee out of a large field mushroom, then consume whatever remains of the tasty funghi. It is pretty much obliged for us to add that the post said Mushiatto is nothing serious. Instead, they have a pretty big range of other coffee. The regular ones, like cappuccino, espresso, and latte.

It’s actually the latest super food to sip among other options people have and the nutrients claimed to offer you a natural energy boost and medicinal advantages.

According to Four Sigmatic, a Finnish company, they started the trend with mixing coffee, hot chocolate made from wild mushrooms, extract and fungi parasite called cordyceps. It does sound a little off, but I dare you to have it because there will be no fungi floating in your coffee. The coffee is made by isolating chaga mushroom’s key compounds, then spray drying them and combine with cordyceps, there you have your drink powder.

The beverage said to boost immunity and productivity. Even now, Australian cafes are serving mugs over mugs of the mushroom blends. In Sydney, some apothecary have offered immune shroom coffee with three choices of mushrooms: reishi, maitake, shiitake. They all could boost immune powers.

However, it has not yet attracted the global community. Some people hasn’t notice the trend in New York. And overall, most people still prefer their usual coffee preference.



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