Where is The Coffee Industry Going To Take You in 2019?

Where is The Coffee Industry Going To Take You in 2019?

The coffee you consume these days isn’t just regular coffee anymore. Coffee is also evolving whether you notice it or not. If we talk about Starbucks in every block or corner that we see, you’ll know the latest frappuccino and let’s all embrace that America is an incredibly caffeinated country. Sure there are other countries which consume lots of coffee every day, such as Finland, Norway, and The Netherlands.

In 2018, there are lots of coffee trends that are slowly changing, shaping, and contributing to the coffee industry. Where do you think it’ll take us in 2019? Before you keep scrolling down and keep reading, you need to know what the third wave of coffee is all about.

The Third Wave of Coffee

We’ve learned that the second movement was the necessity out of a luxury lifestyle and was very welcomed by society. The Second Wave did impact how people drink coffee and the specialty coffee itself. However, the Third Wave is going to be so different and going to make a whole new breakthrough.

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  1. Direct Trade

As to the point as the name, direct trade happens when a coffee roaster buys the coffee beans directly from the producer. Sometimes they could even personalise how the coffee roasters want the coffee beans to be planted if they have the knowledge and understanding about growing coffee. However, a direct trade doesn’t mean that you just cut the middleman directly. It could also affect the quality, sustainability, and experimentation in brewing methods.

  1. Experimental Marketing on Customer

Don’t you know that customer service and experience has evolved in this generation? Everything seems to be customer oriented these days because they have the ability to give feedback about us whenever and wherever they want with the support of social media and the internet. The thing to be considered is that everyone could see their feedback, as a result, it would lead to people’s buying decision. Starts from responding back to the feedback and telling a story about your coffee, it’s all about mixing your business with a personal touch of the relationship between the consumer and their morning cup of coffee.

  1. Bringing All Generations from Y to Z Altogether

A research has been done and surprisingly, the fastest growing coffee drinkers in the world are around 13-16 years old (Generation Y) and the Millennials parts in the largest group of coffee consumers. Consuming 44% of the coffee in the United States of America, both two generations are competing to get the latest trend in the coffee shop.

  1. More Syrups, Sweetener, and Creams

We’ve known a little bit of what’s inside our frappuccino, they’re creams, sugar, syrups and all the things that could wake you up, power you up, or leave you feeling tired for the next few hours after drinking it. Coffee roasters and retailers are having an advantage out of this, the generation goes from loving the strong black coffee to the heavenly sweet not so real coffee. How could retailers and roasters play around with this? They could trick the coffee to have lower acidity so it’ll be a good mix with the sweetener, syrups, and creams.

  1. Mushrooms In a Cup


Remember in what generation you’re living in. Customers care about what they’re going to have inside their bodies, mushrooms in your coffee promotes and boosts your health, even though they don’t look much different than the other coffee. The mushroom coffee is at its peak now and could be counted as one of the most popular coffee in the world.

  1. The Cold Brew

What is an iced coffee when we have cold brew?! It’s a huge trend and every coffee shop seem to release their very own mix of cold brew these days. Another selling point of cold brew is the cool, simple packaging of the cold brew and it’s a simple easy-to-go coffee you can drink anywhere when you need a caffeine boost or when you need something quick. Beware that caffeine contained in cold brew is much higher than the usual coffee because of the process. Some cold brew are produced in large amount of batches, some don’t. The longer it sits in the refrigerator, the more caffeine it has, so pay attention and think of what you really need for your day.

  1. Bubbly Brew

The name itself already tingles our throat, Bubbly Brew is when an espresso is mixed with tonic water giving you a super refreshing touch almost the same like soda, but without the sugar! It’ll feel better with tonic water if you don’t want something sweet. This trend is getting crazy in New York.

  1. Create Something

In 2018, a lot of coffee shops are competing to keep their customer happy and satisfied by giving discounts, keeping in touch with them, have a loyalty program to keep them coming and lots of other marketing strategies to attract a different kind of consumer.

Where do you think the coffee industry will take you in 2019?

There are lots of coffee trends happening in 2018 and we all wonder what’s in store in 2019. People would be more serious and passionate about coffee and lots of people will connect through coffee. Not to mention the power of social media, maybe more interesting drinks will come along with more sophisticated packaging or colour, we never know!

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