The Advantages of Organic Coffee Consumption

Coffee is very popular as we all know in the beverage world, and it’s very high ranked in trading commodities, it comes second after oil. The organic grown coffee is chemical and residues free. Some experts claim it to has a fuller and richer flavour than the usual grown coffee. But, only certain people drink the organic coffee beans to make a substantial positive impact for our environment.

Environmental Benefits

Growers clear cut rainforests, creating full sun coffee plantations throughout South America, Africa and Southeast Asia in an effort to produce less expensive coffee. Nutrients aren’t stored in the soil in tropical places but instead, it sucked up swiftly by the dense, wide differences of plant life. With deforestation, nutrients disappear with vegetation.

Planting a monocrop coffee farm on soil sucked the nutrients necessities the use of chemical fertilizers to feed the plants. Another requirement is using pesticides because coffee pests could be eliminated along the way. Without the canopy’s shade, the water supplies would dry up and hardening soil over time. Deforestation also effects the bird populations, which have fewer places to winter in South America. Meanwhile, organic coffee growers have less places in the shade of the rainforest. The ecosystem provides adequate plant nutrition, and its biodiversity eliminates the need for chemical pesticides and herbicides.

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Health Benefits

60 percent of herbicides and 90 percent of fungicides are carcigenic or cancer causing and pesticides could accumulate body fat, cause damage to the reproductive system and disrupt hormone and immune system. Nursing or pregnant women who consume the usual grown coffee pass the chemical residues on their fetus or nursing babies. Pesticides have been linked with developmental and behavioural abnormalities. It would all be eliminated if you start drinking organic coffee.

Farmer Benefits

Not all certified organic coffee is fair trade certified. Without the fair trade practice, small organic coffee farmers must compete with the low price of other plantations. Organic farmers usually receive less than their production cost. In an effort to maintain the organic coffee growers and farmers, fair trade cooperatives pay higher and more guaranteed price.  As of 2008, the coffee market paid 30 to 50 cents per pound, with an extra 15-cents-per-pound premium for organic beans. Fair-trade growers were paid $1.41 per pound of certified organic coffee.

Final thoughts

To be certified organic, the grower must prove the beans and soil are fertilizer, chemical and residue free, which typically takes three seasons to accomplish and triple certified coffee comes from farms with Quality Assurance International’s organic certification. Triple certified Arabica coffee beans are guaranteed the best coffee beans you can buy.

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