Superiorità del caffè tostato leggero quando lo hai consumato

light roast coffee

Nowadays, there are many coffee brands that offering special white coffee. We usually found them in supermarket, shop and cafe. Before exploring how the superioty from light coffee, we will explain about the definition of light roast coffee.

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White Coffee Is A Kind Of Light Roast Coffee

Based on the information from, white coffee is the classified from light roast coffee. The colour of the coffee beans is light brown. Why this colour is light brown? Many people assume that white coffee  is made from coffee and milk, so they think that white comes from the colour of milk. Actually, The processing of light roast coffee is not really cooked. It roasted with the low temperature. Therefore, the colour of light roast coffee is not really dark.  It colour like light brown coffee. It is clear that the white colour in this coffee is not come from milk. In conclusion, ‘white’ it just the other name from light roast coffee beacuse it have light brown colour, so it is not really have white colour.

How About The Contain Of Light Roast Coffee?

            Talking about light roast coffee, we should know about the contain of this coffee.  According to the information of that our found, light roast coffee contain the higher cafeine than the other coffee.  Based from the other resouces article, it use the cooling processed till minus 400 celcius. From the cooling processed, it make the recuding of acid contain till 80% from this coffee. Altough this coffee has low acidity, but it still have high cafein as much till 100%. From the 20 grams of light coffee roaster, it contain 110 calories.

From the explanation above, there is no factual analysis whether the acidity on this coffee are save for our stomach or not save for it. It still be explored by the research.

The Assumption Of Light Roast Coffee On Media

            Last year, we found the announcement in the other media such as blackberry and facebook. It said that the light roast coffee is not healthy for us. In the processing of this coffee, the news assumpt that light roast coffee still have high acidity and cafeine. It caused the roasting of this coffee is not really well-done. It forced to make like those, so the cofee poweder is not too dark.

The Statement From Nutrition Expert About The Effect Of Light Roast Coffee

            According the statement from Dr.dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, who is the nutrition expert from Siloam Hospital, said that there is no research that said anything about light roast coffee. Therefore, he can’t give a comment relate on the assumption from the effectiveness of light roast coffee with our healthy. He said that all kinds of coffee are contain of cafeine. Those also have high sugar calories. How about the acidity in pure light roast coffee? He explained that the pure coffee is depend on the chemical ingredient of those. The chemical process when make this coffee product have the effect for our healthy.

Is it the natural chemical process or imitated chemical process? In USA, light roast coffee has processed  from white coffee to yellow coffee. It need a little to steam this coffee. In result, the glucose of the roast coffee can not transform to be caramel crystal, so this coffee is not too bitter. This is the example of natural chemical process. To solve this problem, we should eat healthy food before drinking this coffee at the breakfast time. Preferable, if we want to drink a cup light roast coffee, we should drink from directly natural process, such as in cafe. This coffee which is processed from natural process is better than instant coffee powder. It caused the instant coffee is not processed directly, so it is not fresh.

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The Example Of Light Roast Coffee In Indonesia

            In Indonesia, we find one of light roast in Java. The name of coffee is Javanese Arabica Coffee. It have good quality characteristic among all kinds of coffee in the world. Javanese Arabica Coffee is the generalized from light roast coffee. The processing of Arabica Javanese Coffee is resulting special coffee which has the most unique flavour and aroma than the others.

The Processing Of Light Roast Coffee In Indonesia

            There are two process of light roast coffee in Indonesia, especially Arabica Javanese Coffee. The process of this coffee are consist of first crack and second crack. During the process of roasting coffee, the grean coffee beans will be filled in roasting machine. In the roasting process, the colour from this coffee will change started to green, yellow, light brown, old brown, black-brownie. Finally, this coffee become full black if the coffee cooked in full roasted. In fact, light roast coffee usually will be processed till the coffe bean has yellow or light brown. We can smell the unique aroma from Arabic Javanese Coffee in each minutes during roasted processing. That’s why the light roas coffee in Indonesia is wonderful and very unique.

The Example Of Indonesian Beverage Which Is Producted From Light Roasted Coffee

From the production of light roast coffee, it can be made some of traditional beverage coffees in Indonesia, such as Java Ijen Balawan, Tangkuban Perahu Honey, Kalosi Enrekang, Bali Kintamani, Toraja Benteng Ambeso, Flores Manggarai, Sindikalang, Lintong, Aceh Gayo Atu Lintang, Forest Summit Manual Brew, Tree Island Manual Brew, Sand East Espresso and Famous Estate Espresso.

The Waste Of Light Coffee Roaster Can Be Used For Masking Face Threatment

  • Natural Peeling

We can make the natural peeling to make a new regenation for our skin. It can be made from the waste of light cofee roaster. Then we can use it to peel the  skin in our face.

  • Cleaning The Skin

We can use the waste of light cofee roaster for clean our skin. We can make this threatment from waste of light coffee roaster powder and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients. Then covered this coffee and oil in our body skin. It make the skin smooth and clen.

  • Coffee Cleanser Skin

To make the skin health and soft, we can make two spoons waste of light coffee roaster and mixing it with two spoons of chocolate powder,  a spoon of honey, and three spoons of milk. After use it, we can rest during 30 minutes. It can done by us twice or three times in a week.

  • Reducing The Celluloid

Celluloida makes the wrinkled teksture in our skin. We can make the ingredients masking from waste light coffee roaster, aloe vera, and vitamin oil. It can be used for scrubbing our face.

It is clear that light coffee roaster is not only consumed as the beverage but also used for the masking face. Actually, the waste of light roast coffee also usefull for our skin.

If you want to sell the light roast coffee or the other kinds of coffee, don’t worry to try it. Selling the coffee production is the best way to increase our economical because the coffee product have the good prospect in some aspects, such as relation, economy, and culinary. To promote your coffee product, is the best website for distribute your coffee product by online. Also, this website is good references if you will make the coffee business.


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