How To Quit Coffee, But Not Really Quitting It

At some point, all of us have a problem with coffee and remember the smell of fresh grounds coffee, it’s like we don’t hear, smell, see anything else in the whole world, but it’s just about the coffee. Some of us even don’t feel like we wanna go all social or even socialize if we haven’t had our morning coffee yet.

After people have their coffee, that’s when they feel like they’re connected to the world again, reunited. The thing is, we all don’t even think our addiction was that bad… comparing to other people of course. That’s why we keep going and consume the coffee again throughout the day. Don’t let coffee control you, especially when you smell it! It doesn’t mean you have to force yourself.

If you’re at the same stage where you feel like coffee is taking control over you, as if you’re a zombie without it, not alive whatsoever if you haven’t had a sip, then you need to read this.

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What’s actually the cause?

It’s never a good idea to replace your usual coffee with something that’s so bad which only contain low caffeine level.

Cravings are the symptom about something else, this means that the need to consume coffee increases and in need for another source and why would you need it again? Because… if you consume coffee you’d have less sleep, usually. People tend to be lack of sleep and that’s why you need more.

Having too many contracting foods could have an expansive reaction in our bodies while others have contracting properties. Take an example, if you pour a little bit of salt, a sprinkle of it onto cabbage and let it be there for awhile, the cabbage would shrivel up and water will come out. The same thing happens to you when you eat a lot of animal proteins or salty food, your organs can become tight.


When this happens, you would feel tense or anxious emotionally and start craving something to ease your feelings. Welcome sugary food! You’d feel like you want something sweet. Alcohol could be your option too in your mind.

There’s one to figure out and that’s to add calm to our body. When it’s more sensitive and calm, then the need of more energy is not really necessary and coffee would only be needed in several times only. So here are some tips:

  1. Make some adjustments!

The cups you don’t really care about, those ehh cups, let it just go by and you know you can survive without them. Let yourself just have the best coffee for your day and not having it in between your day. Don’t procrastinate things and make excuses when all you really wanna do is just to skip some time, really. And seriously go somewhere else for a meet up or catch up with a friend! Not to grab a coffee.

Count your cups of coffee, which really pleases you and mean something to you and leave those ehh cups and focus on your goal.


2) Experiment alternative coffees

Try grain coffee, although it’s usually more bitter but it’s not horrible and doesn’t give you that too much kicking energy you don’t need. Also try dandelion tea, yet another dark and bitter beverage but some people like it to replace coffee and this pretty beauty tea is loveable. You might actually like it too! Give it a chance, give it a shot!

3) See you, animal products and salty food

We need to focus on alleviating the tension in our bodies and if you do this, you’ll feel less cravings for the foods and will help your body more relaxed, coffee counts too. Have less animal products and something too salty, and the processed foods.

4) More sweet vegetables and whole grains, please!

Again, you want to add calm to your body. Add more grains and sweet vegetables. What are sweet vegetables? They’re sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions, cabbages, carrots, etc into your diet. If your body is calmer, you’ll feel less cravings and make your body a lot controlled.

It’s always midnight before the sun rises up guys! So hang on, you can do this. Experiences and bodies would be different, but it’s alright! And if you don’t get rid of cravings, something worse will come up and it’s called headaches, more intense cravings. Work smarter, not harder!

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