La caffetteria è il tuo nuovo spazio di lavoro

La caffetteria è il tuo nuovo spazio di lavoro

A lot of companies have designed the perfect office where their employees can work comfortably, but do you notice a lot of new working space wherever you go? The truth is, a lot of employees will end up using the new working space on the weekends, or maybe weekdays when they don’t feel like coming to the office, especially if they can work remotely.

But why coffee shop, instead of a real rented working space? Here are the reasons why.

  1. The noise in the coffee shop can make you focused

There’s a study by Ravi Mehta of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that the right level of noise in your surroundings can make the brain think and dig something more and help you more focused. The noise in a coffee shop is around 70 decibels, that’s usually enough to help you focus. Researches have found that white noise can distract or disrupt you from your usual pattern of thoughts, thus the white noise can help you to be more productive by allowing the brain into something different and abstract from the noise you get around your usual surroundings.

  1. Getaway from your coworkers

Let’s be honest, it feels good to get away from your coworkers once in a while. They can be very helpful some times, but we know how they can distract us from the work we need to do quickly. A study from Geoffrey James explains how social factors can affect your productivity as well. In the office, there’s always a hierarchy which limits people from behaving. Some people don’t realise that it limits them to be creative and from being critical.

il caffè come spazio di lavoro

In a coffee shop, there’s no hierarchy and you can have a loud conversation as much as you want. You’ll feel at ease and more relaxed, your brain will be more relaxed and unlimited to new ideas and creativity. You’ll have more control of yourself and your surroundings when you’re in a coffee shop and the bonus point is you can wear your headphones when you don’t want to be interrupted without feeling bad!

  1. Lots of companies allow their employees to work outside the office

It’s not something new, but it’s not that common for employees to work remotely or at home, instead of at the office. There’s a study from Ctrip that proves how effective it is to work outside of the office. There are 500 people who work from home and 13.5 per cent of them feel more efficient than working at the office. They also need less sick days and time off rather than the people who work at the office. They also save more from the commute, because they don’t need to come to the office as much.

The companies who usually let employees work from home are computer, information systems, and mathematic companies. As long as their employees can finish their work and follow the deadlines it doesn’t really matter to them. Working from home is also one of the company’s strategies to attract the millennials generation to work for them.

il caffè come spazio di lavoro

  1. Productive people around you will make you feel the same way

I guarantee you’ll feel more productive when you work around productive people in a coffee shop. It’s contagious and you’ll automatically put more effort into your work because you feel like you need to work hard as well. It’s almost the same like the gym, when you sign up as a new member at the gym and you start to work out, you see other people workout really hard and you don’t want to feel left out and start working really hard too.

  1. You are a trusted employee

If your company let you work from home, it means that they trust you enough to not supervise you while you’re working. It’s a nice way to let you know that they have faith in you by letting you work in a coffee shop or remotely wherever you like.

  1. Buying power

As the economy is growing every year, you’ll also be paid higher than the previous year. Thus, it gives you more power to buy. The comfortable, fresh, and new ambience in a coffee shop will make you feel more welcomed and you won’t have to worry about spending money in a coffee shop because you have more buying power and you can spend more time working outside the office.

Do you think coffee shops will be your new working spaces or you’ve already tried making them as yours?

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