Be a Better Writer With Coffee

Be a Better Writer With Coffee

Coffee is a superhero we never acknowledged. It has the ability to make you seize your day, boost yourself and somehow give you the willing to socialise with strangers around you. Caffeine could also take part in boosting your creativity and make you a better writer.

As far as we know it, creativity comes from within. So how come a cup of coffee in the morning could make you a better writer? Well.. according to a research, creativity comes from your state of mind that has three barriers. Those barriers are.. initiative, commitment, and self-doubt.

People need to break down their own barriers to reach the new level of creativity. With coffee, your mind will be boosted and without your realisation, you push yourself to think more. Here’s the explanation on how coffee helps you with the barriers:

  1. Coffee provides you the initiative

We’ve experienced the boost that coffee offers. Not only it helps us moving but it also helps the brain to unlock new creativity boxes in your head. Before you call yourself creative, you will need the ideas to build things up and pour them all first. Ideas could breed more ideas that eventually we can call creativity. Sometimes you know coffee just snaps you to get things done.


  1. Commitment from a cup of joe

You know that coffee is a stimulant and scientific facts behind it always cover it. The caffeine you consume block every thought in your head that whispers “A nap should be okay, I’m tired and I’ll get this done later.” When you’re tired you’ll feel fatigued and that’s the first thing coffee could postpone for a while longer so you can commit to the task you need to do that day. This push yourself going through all the bad ideas. We need to overcome that stage first before we reach the heavenly good ideas.

  1. Coffee boosts your inner confidence

This is one of the hardest things to overcome. When you doubt yourself over your ideas and creativity, it’s hard to overcome because you need to believe in yourself that your ideas are not stupid. Now when you already got the initiative and commitment, your inner confidence will naturally follow.

Remember that coffee only supports you at that moment when you need it and it’s not something for you to count on all the time to make you a creative person. It involves experience and time and all depend on your work. You can’t suddenly be a coder or a painter even though you already got the initiative, commitment, and inner confidence. The goal is to be a better writer with coffee, alert yourself more and give you the courage for that moment.

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