Introduction to Espresso – What Is Espresso?

The coffee beans for making an espresso are usually of the Arabica Coffee bean varietal with a few espresso blends adding in some Robusta coffee beans to impart specific qualities. Robusta beans thrive in espresso blends because they contain approximately twice the caffeine of Arabica beans, and create a better crema. Typically espresso coffee beans are given a dark roast, although a lighter roast is perfectly acceptable to utilize in an espresso. What really defines an espresso is how it’s brewed, and for that reason the grind. The grind size for espresso is very fine with a few variations depending upon the kind of espresso machine with the aim of producing very intense and concentrated coffee beverage.

The espresso machine provides pressurized extraction when it forces warm water under extremely high pressure through a compressed bed of roasted, ground coffee.

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What is espresso?

A classic espresso is comprised of a single shot that has a volume of about 1.5 ounces, with a double shot being twice this amount. An espresso is traditionally served in a demitasse that should be pre heated before pulling the espresso shot.

What Is the Crema Atop the Espresso?

Sitting at the top of the espresso shot in a very thin and fine layer is a layer of emulsified oils containing sugars and proteins.

This is the crema and it contains the sweetness of the shot and also preserves the intensity of the espresso shot. The espresso shot’s crema is created because of air and CO2 along with other gases in the liquid at very high pressure. A fantastic crema is golden brown in colour and possesses the best flavors and aromatic qualities. Espresso should be enjoyed in your leisure. Many people say they eat it instantly after brewing is ideal, however research shows that frequent consumption of hot liquids might lead to esophageal cancer. As a shot of espresso sits, its flavour changes and different qualities of it become stronger or weaker.


When comparing espresso, consistency is the key more than anything. Ensure that the same amount of grinds are used, the same process and extraction time is used, and wait the same time period after drawing a shot to drink it. The full flavour of espresso makes it the ideal base for mixing coffee beverages. This is why the espresso machines in the busiest coffee shops rarely stop working. The taste of a double shot of espresso won’t get lost in a 12- or 16 ounce coffee cup full of steamed milk along with other ingredients.

Here are many simple variations on one of those drinks that all start with a shot or two of espresso.

  1. Cappuccino- A short steamed or frothed milk drink with a single shot of espresso.
  2. Latte – a beverage with steamed milk drink with a double shot of espresso. Lattes are frequently flavored with syrups, depending on the personal preference.


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