how to prevent caffein overdose

How to Prevent Side Effects of Coffee?


Sipping a cup of coffee is not a mere daily routine, it is part of lifestyle. Coffee drinkers do not doubt the good impact of the drink to help them get through their activities as it makes them energized, more attentive, yet comfortable. Even in the hardest day working, caffeine in coffee helps workers avoiding drowsiness and reducing muscle pain due to excessive physical movement. However,this may lead to a mistake. One probably assumes drinking coffee is always healthy and relates to no health issues. Thus, over consumption occurs and results some health problems.

Side Effects of Coffee

Discomfort felt in the body related to coffee is mostly led by overconsumption. Naturally, moderate coffee intake would not harm our health. However, the case is some people cannot control their intake and later they begin to notice health problem on their selves. Here are some common side effects of coffee.

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side effect of caffein in coffee

1. Addiction

Addicted person may feel strong desire to drink one cup of coffee once he stops consuming it. After a certain period of time of coffee consumption, the body is likely to have more tolerance over the substance contained in the drink. Inthis case,at first a coffee drinker will notice the impact of the drink only by having two cups ina day.

Later, when the tolerance level is higher, the drinker may have felt satisfied if he already sips three cups of coffee. That is a condition one can be assumed addicted.To avoid addiction,surely we should be attentive over signals our bodies show. This may be not an easy task because it does not strictly happen all at one time. However, there are physical signals of early addiction we can notice beforehand. Those are fatigue, sleep disorder, more frequent anger, constipation, anxiety, and headache. If you notice these symptoms, watch your coffee intake and seek for medical help before it gets worse.

2. Insomnia and Exhaustion

Caffeine in coffee stimulates people to be able to awake and focus longer. This is because caffeine works in contradictive way with adenosine, a natural substance in the body that makes people feel sleepy. In a moderate level, this is really helpful for people in generalespecially those whose works demand high concentration or intense physical movements. However, it is important for us to listen to our bodies.

Once we feel terribly drowsy or exhausted, it is advised to have some rest or if possible, a short nap that will naturally boost our energy. Therefore, people who beforehand have been addicted to drinking coffee will experience sleeping difficulty, known as insomnia. This is resulted by a continuous block over the work of adenosine by caffeine. The affected sleep hours surely drains the body that it feels exhausted easily. It may get worse if one does not realize the condition that he assumes he needs more cups of coffee to fight the exhaustion. It works like a cycle.

3. Heart Problems

Moderate coffee intake in people who do not record heart problem may not be damaging or increasing the risk level of heart attack. However, there is a concern that coffee stimulates heart attack to some people. Those who are at risk inthis case are people who drink coffee occasionally or averagely no more than a cup per day. Correspondantly, those who drink in a larger basis are at lower risk of getting heart attack.

It is caffeine in coffee that triggers faster heartbeat. For people without heart problem, it is an advantage because they feel more energized through the day. However, it could be dangerous for those who have history of coronary heart. People with this condition are not advised to drink more than three cups of coffee a day. Over consumption could lead the heart beat faster and harder.

4. Higher Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a health condition where bones are becoming less densed. It is caused by the damage in tissue so the process of mineral absorbing and cell production do not work normally. This shoud be taken thoughtfully by coffee drinkers. Caffeine in coffee potentially causes osteoporosis since it is acidic. Acidity affects body metabolism by making useful mineral dissolved. Later, it will come out of the body through urination.

Women who drink coffee are at higher risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Since estrogen is related to the production of new bone tissue, women who enter menopause will likely to suffer from this desease because their estrogen level drops. Excessive coffee consumption will make it even worse. Closely control your nutrition when you are already in your 40s.

Green vegetables and fish contains beneficial vitamin and minerals for strong bones. Regular exercise like walking and yoga also help the bones gets its mass. Moreover, exercise prevents bodies from getting injured from falling as it trains the balance. Injury is one of the causes of bone problems especially in aging phase.

how to prevent caffein overdose

Notes for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Again, the main rule is moderate amount. Excessive consumption may result in sleep disorder and low quality of rest hours. Moreover, pregnant women need extra energy carrying extra weight in her body. Caffeine also may cause abnormal activity of the fetus in the womb, the same risk that potentially affects breastfed babies. It potentially damages sleep hours and digestive tract of the infant.

Advised amount for pregnant women is two cups in a day. Over consumption will increase some risks like miscarriage and premature birth.

How to Overcome Side Effects of Coffee?

Everything which is too much is not good. If you drink coffee regularly, keep your intake at moderate level. Notice your body condition carefully. Pay attention to any signal that may relate to your coffee consumption. It would be wise to reduce your regular intake once you feel discomfort around the period of consumption.

It is important to hold still to healthy lifestyle. Appropriate diet which includes qualified nutrition work best for your body needs. Try to have another option to your crave. Choose healthier drink such as natural fruit juice or herbal tea without sugar or any artificial sweeteners. Drink plenty water a day to keep the body fresh and enhance the metabolism. Make use of this process as detox. Opt for as much as healthy foods as possible.

Listen to your body, know your limit. Caffeinemay boost physical performance but the best medicine for exhaustion is a proper rest. Extra energy caffeine gives will later reduce your sleep quality. Meanwhile, a quick nap will naturally restore energy and awareness to go through the day.

If you notice early signs of addiction, try to gradually increase your coffee. In trying to cut your intake,it is important to keep oneself active to fight against craving. Exercise is one healthy option and a big help tokeep you active,yet distract your mind. It helps your body to gain strenght and the mind to focus without any addition of substance like caffeine.

Any information about health benefit in a cup of coffee should be taken critically. Still, we have to consume it moderately. Moreover, if we previously suffer from certain physical problem, it is better to consult with doctor.


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