How to Prepare a Kickass Coffee Shop Business

How to Prepare a Kickass Coffee Shop Business

If you pass by some coffee shops, they’re always busy with customers and always have a full place at peak hours. People enjoy espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and the side pastries like banana cake or cinnamon rolls they provide. All of the beverages and snacks served in a set of a certain atmosphere, trendy or fancy, relaxing or busy.

It’s a big growing business pioneered by Starbucks which now have over 25,000 places all over the world and we know they’re always busy no matter where they are. If you’re a business person and love coffee, have the idea to start a business in coffee? Here’s how to make it a kickass business!

The very basic options you have before you start a business in coffee shop:
Purchase a franchise: big business decisions would be made for you and for the fee, it will be depending on the location selected by the franchise’s provider. Sure we have some pros and cons whether you should do it or not, but it’s an option you might want to consider.
Buy an existing business: This is another turnkey. But, finding an existing business that seems to have its sustainability is a little bit hard, it’s rare to find a profitable business for sale.
Start from the very bottom, not the top: This requires more effort than any other options, but you get to arrange everything the way you want it. You can extend it to your best expectation.

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1. A Nice Place With a Reasonable and Measurable Rent
No matter which options you chose between the other three mentioned above, the business plan has to include some key factors we’ll about to discuss below.

How could the growth of coffee shop increase quickly?
Because it’s a wonderful place for people to meet, catch up and socialise. A study shown by statistic approved that coffee shop is the most popular place people would go to meet their friends. Also if someone just wanna pass by the time by reading a book, surf the web, do their job while taking a sip of their coffee or a light bite on their snack.

Quick informal businesses are likely to be done in a coffee shop. I bet the chances are high for you to see a group of college students working on their projects or homework, a bunch of people having a light nonformal meeting with their coworkers or clients. So a strategic location is something you can really count on. Do some research first before you decide which one you wanna go for or just select the existing one.

Rent VS Location
Busy location in the heart of the city sounds appealing, but might not be a good idea for your start-up business. A location with high traffic condition will cost you a lot more. Not thinking about how much it cost a year or two.

Traffic and Parking
Think about this, if you have it in the mall it will have the same opening and closing hours as the mall and some people won’t even think of your place because it’s a crowded place or it’s hard to get a parking lot there because how crowd the mall is. They’ll just go to another coffee shop that’s more convenient for them and don’t mind doing their business elsewhere. A high visibility location with a lot of parking lot would be much better for the customers.

Bike Racks
Cycling gets popular in certain cities and places, if you have a secure lock up rack made for bikes that’ll be cool. Your coffee house might be a place for the cycling community to hang out!

2. Serve The Best of The Best Consistently
There could be some varieties you could sell in your coffee house other than coffee. For instance, you can have some aromatic tea with floral or fruity scents. Or powder drink like red velvet or taro latte for the younger customers who haven’t decided to jump into the pool of coffee love.

Whatever you have in the stock, you need to serve the best of the best for evey each one of the customers. Once they love you, they will likely to come back. First impression matters too. This requires skill and some things can also help. You can get fresh roasted beans, don’t get the old ones. A high quality espresso machine could also help you to serve the best. Have some pastries and appetizers at your place, be trendy with the drinks they have now.

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3. Customer Service
A wonderful customer service will satisfy the heart of the customers. Drinks may satisfy their desire and their stomach, but a nice service you provide could never go wrong and will only light up your customers mood. According to a study, some people won’t go back to place with horrible customer service even though they have a nice product. They feel like they can get it somewhere else because the product itself could not win the customer’s heart. A combination of product and service will win the hearts.

Table Service or Counter Service?
Table service could be much slower at peak hours, more intensive and more work. If you only have a small and simple coffee shop, cut the cost to pay for a runner or waiter, you could choose counter service one person could handle the cashier and more chance to offer the pastries and snacks you have displayed there.

4. The Atmosphere
Surveys have shown that most people believe atmosphere is one of the biggest attractions for a café. Starbucks’ relaxing, cosy, comfortable atmosphere is one of the major contributors to their success.
Surveys have shown that what attracts people to visit Starbucks is their chill, comfortable, and cosy atmosphere. That’s why people kept coming back. The atmosphere is very important because it influences people’s mood and how they feel in our territory. People don’t just enjoy and buy your coffee but they want to be in the atmosphere your place provide.

How do you want to create the atmosphere?
For starters, decide what kind of atmosphere do you want for your coffee shop. Do you want it to be relaxing? Do you want it to be playful and energising? Do you want it to be quiet and really clean? You can build the atmosphere by choosing the colour of the wall, or a wallpaper? Natural lighting like windows could also affect the atmosphere. Don’t forget about the music you’re playing at your place, it has a vital influence. You could also mix up the furniture you want in there, the colour, and everything.
If you want it to be a lot more sure and qualified, you can hire an interior designer to visualise the strong main points you want.

5. The Food
You could add some snacks or pastries and display them right at the counter so it will make them more appealing to the customers. The most wanted pastries that will match with coffee and tea would be muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns, cakes, croissants, bagels, some yoghurt bar, and scones.

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A personal selling method from the marketing will be very effective when you offer food.

6. Loyalty Cards or Stamps
It’s like a cherry on the top of the cake for the customers. Offering a loyalty card could not hurt anybody. First, you just encourage them to stop by more often. Second, they will come to your place more so often than to your competitors because we have benefits in our place. Third, they wanna spend more so they can get more points.

7. Engagement
In a service business, it’s important for the people who work in the place to be engaged with customers, build a relationship so that it might affect customers buying decision.

8. Wi-Fi
A lot of people who come to the coffee shop for business or college projects will surf the web and need Wi-Fi for that. It will be a plus to your place and will create a communal atmosphere for people to stay. You need to understand and know what customer’s need and wants nowadays or they’ll simply choose somewhere else.

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