jar for coffee bean storage

How to Get the Best Coffee Bean Storage?

jar for coffee bean storage

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A coffee lover would not be satisfied with having a coffee powder in his kitchen; they would also buy coffee beans to grind them themselves to enjoy fresh coffee. However, actually how to get the best coffee bean storage? Sites www.Javacoffeeiq.com would deliver the tips for storing your coffee beans as well. Check it out!

In storing coffee beans should be much to consider for the quality of coffee beans are not rapidly declining. As to where to store, where to store, and whether coffee beans are exposed to light directly or not, how moisture is stored and other conditions. All these factors aim to keep the taste of coffee to remain fresh and delicious as freshly baked.

Avoid storing coffee beans in glass jars and placed in the kitchen just like that without ignoring the important things that maintain the quality of coffee beans, but it’s totally different when the coffee beans in the jar for kitchen display only – indeed coffee beans in glass jars look pretty hell when functioned as a kitchen display.

To get the quality of the coffee beans to stay fresh even if kept for days at home then we need to pay attention to the important things related to best coffee bean storage below.


1. Use Airtight Special Containers

The first thing is to use airtight special containers to store coffee beans. Let us fumble deeper pockets to buy them but using airtight containers can store large amounts of coffee beans for longer periods. In addition, using an airtight container is able to keep the coffee beans fresh and awake the coffee aroma.

2. Pay Attention to Storage

The second thing is quite important, note the temperature where the coffee beans are stored. Choose a place that is not too cold but not too hot. Of course the fridge and the place exposed to sunlight is not the right choice. Look for a warm place like near the oven.

3. Consider the Amount of Coffee to Be Purchased

The number of coffee beans also needs to be considered because if we only drink coffee in small amounts and rarely, buying large amounts of coffee beans to serve is not recommended.

Ideally, we should calculate how much coffee you consume during the month or best for two weeks. Better we are bothered to buy coffee every two weeks because they rarely enjoy coffee than buying coffee beans for a month’s supply, because the quality of the coffee beans here is taken into account.

Coffee begins to lose its freshness when baked. Once ground, coffee should be used within 1-2 weeks. If not ground, coffee beans can be stored for 1 month after baking. The parable looks like this: you will not cut the cake the day before your birthday or long before you want to eat it is not it? Cutting the cake too quickly will make the cake lose its freshness and the decoration will be damaged.

To get fresh coffee, buy freshly roasted coffee beans with sufficient quantities, and which will roughly run out within 1-2 weeks. Coffee beans last longer than with ground coffee. For optimal freshness, grind your coffee beans only when used and brewed.

If you want more durable again, buy coffee beans are still green, because it can last more than 1 year, but it is a little more troublesome because you have to roast at home. Once baked, store in an airtight bag and open the bag once daily for a few days to remove the carbon dioxide in the coffee.

4. Be Aware of the Quality of Coffee

If we have followed the above three ways correctly then the main thing to worry about storing coffee beans is the coffee beans themselves.

This has been agreed by coffee experts that we must be aware of the conditions of our preferred coffee beans. Coffee is an organic beverage, if the ‘old’ coffee beans are away from the date roaster; the quality of coffee is also decreased.

All three points above will only keep the coffee beans in order to stay ‘healthy’ condition but not prevent the natural ‘degradation’ of the roasting of coffee beans. So, try not to consume more than one month of coffee from the date of the whirl, otherwise we will get a coffee quality far from fresh and delicious.

Basically, just like anything else, coffee seeds are degrading and this is natural and natural. Therefore, buying the best coffee beans is to adjust the amount with the amount of consumption of coffee.


Additional Tips of Best Coffee Bean Storage

In addition to the four things above, coffee lovers should also pay attention to some of the things below.

Coffee Vacuum Pack

On coffee sold in tin cans, oxygen and carbon dioxide have been removed so as to keep the coffee fresh. Once the tin is opened, the coffee will be in the best condition for 7 to 10 days.

Cool or Freeze Coffee Beans

It is generally not recommended to store coffee beans in the refrigerator. Coffee enemies are extreme temperatures (hot or cold), air, light, dew, and strong odors.

You should not store coffee or coffee beans in the refrigerator or freezer because the coffee has the properties of sucking the smell, so coffee which is stored in the freezer will also suck the smell of fish or meat that is also there. The smell of coffee will change and become damaged. Refrigerators and freezers are one of the worst places to store coffee.

In addition, the refrigerator and freezer though it looks dry, is a humid place. Refrigerators and freezers will also damage the oil contained in the coffee beans. If you think that by storing coffee in the refrigerator will make coffee fresh for longer, you’re wrong. Saving coffee beans in the refrigerator will not prolong the life of coffee because coffee is not meat or vegetables.

Refrigerator can be used only for one last way. This means that when coffee has been removed from the refrigerator, coffee should not be returned to it. Compaction can occur and will cause the taste to be not good because the frozen steam will condense and be absorbed into the seeds, which will damage the content of delicious coffee.

The freshness of coffee is something that is always coveted by those addictive in drinking coffee. Maintaining the desired quality in consuming coffee is something that every coffee addict will do. Improper storage procedures, such as leaving open containers or sachets, are factors that contribute to the deterioration of the quality of coffee beans or grains of coffee powder.

It is a good idea to seal the coffee packaging or close them tightly in bottles or jars that are commonly used when they are first used. Coffee has an important aspect of delicacy that is important to maintain.

We would all agree that coffee can be damaged if someone does not pay attention to the quality of the delicacy of the aroma and the taste, something that a cup of coffee will offer for worshipers who always give the best attention to it.

Most importantly in best coffee bean storage, it should not be contaminated by air, moisture, heat, and light. So it’s best to keep the coffee in a dark, dry place, like in a kitchen cabinet that is located far from warm or hot places like ovens, stoves, or windows.

If you happen to buy a bag of coffee beans when traveling abroad, do not forget to close the air holes. You can wear tape or anything that keeps the air in the bag from leaving because of the time pressure difference inside the plane. It is said that this also affects the pleasure of a cup of coffee. So, are you ready now to provide the best coffee bean storage for getting the best coffee taste?


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