benefits of drinking black coffee

How To Drink Black Coffee That Can Give Health Benefit For Your Body


benefit black coffee for you health

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The Black Coffee Origins

Coffee is originally a plant from Ethiopia but it was Yemeni who brewed them first time to make the infamous beverage that has spread throughout the world until today. The history started from centuries ago. From Ethiopia, it reached Yemen and got vast recognition throughout Arab Peninsula later. Soon after that, coffee became part of Arabic cultural beverage.

Arabian Peninsula has been known as the transit point for merchant activities at that time. Coffee was brought to other parts of the world such as Europe and eastern part of Asia. European countries began to planted the coffee in their colonies is southern parts of Asia, including Indonesia that was colonized by the Netherland. They chose to plant it there because Europe does not have suitable climate for coffee plants. Java island became the perfect place for coffee plantation. Ever since the day, coffee bean plants have many varieties grow in Indonesia. Until recent days, Java Coffee has become one of the best coffee varieties.

In, you will get much information about coffee, especially Java coffee. The miscellaneous stories about coffee are also stored there. If you are a coffee lover, glancing through the website will be exciting.

Black Coffee and your Health

Besides the mentioned caffeine addiction, drinking black coffee is actually good for your health. Coffee is al so known as food suppressant. Many people choose drinking black coffee at certain amount a day as their way to suppress their appetite and many said it works like a charm. The fact that black coffee has low fat and calories is the main reason that it is good for dieting. Basically, drinking black coffee with creamer or milk and sugar will drastically add the calories amount. Without creamer, milk, or sugar, the plain black coffee not only will boost your energy, suppress your appetite but also serve small amount of calcium that is good for your bones.

But drinking too much black coffee will also put our health in dangerous condition. In average, people in the United States drink three cups of coffee per day. All you need is the good black coffee drinking strategy.

Drinking black coffee can help you on your weight loss journey. Please keep in mind that you need to put creamer and sugar aside. These two mixtures are basically make coffee drinker gain weight instead. These are the good black coffee strategy on weight loss:

  1. You can only drink coffee without creamer and milk. You can add a little amount of sugar to accelerate the taste.
  2. Drink only three cups of coffee per day. In the morning, in the afternoon and before dinner. Do not drink coffee after six except you plan to be awake late at night.
  3. Make sure you consume enough water throughout the day. Drink a glass of water every time after your cup of coffee.
  4. Make sure you mix your diet plan with fibers such as fruits and vegetables,
  5. Arrange your food plan daily will become a lot easier because consuming black coffee will suppress your appetite.
  6. If you are new to drinking black coffee, you do not have to all of a sudden consume three cups in a day. You can start by drinking a cup a day in the beginning at morning hours.

The Caffeine Effects

In the beginning, coffee is believed as the beverage that can boost performance and give extra energy due to its caffeine content; one of many reasons why people are addicted to it now. What caffeine does to your brain is inhibiting your adenosine receptors. Is it only coffee that has caffeine? The answer is no. Chocolate and tea are also known for their caffeine effects, though not as much as coffee.

Several researches have been done to seek further information about caffeine and its effects to our health. The positive side effects of caffeine are:

  1. To lower the risks of heart diseases and diabetes.
  2. To improve memory and cognitive capability.
  3. To protect our body from Parkinson disease.
  4. It has high anti oxidant to prevent cancer.

But in another hand, too much caffeine might cause negative side effects as well. Such as:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Facial wrinkles
  4. Ruining the quality of your voice.


In order to avoid these negative side effects from caffeine by drinking coffee, you can set limit of coffee consumption in a day. The maximum amount of caffeine allowed in our body in a day would be 300 milligrams. If you are a regular coffee drinker, it can be translated into three cups of coffee per day.

But you have to remember that everyone has different tolerance of something. If you have lower tolerance to caffeine, you are not suggested to take until 300 milligrams consumption in a day. For parents, pay attention to the consumption of caffeine in your kids’ chocolate too.

You also have to vary your food consumption daily by mixing more fruits and vegetables so you will get both of the advantages of consuming good black coffee without need to worry over the negative side effects of the black coffee.

Serving a Good Black Coffee

There are numerous of coffee industries start from the small ones to the giant franchises. People easily enjoy their taste of coffee anywhere they are. Some of them like their instant coffee to save the time, some others prefer their coffee to be raw and brewed well.

Whatever coffee taste tendencies people have, this particular beverage has been part of our social culture since centuries ago. The classic taste of coffee would be black coffee. If you like the authentic acidic taste of a good black coffee, you may need to start from choosing the qualified beans. Most people will brew the coffee beans by themselves to get the exact taste that they want.

Coffee now has been served into so many ways, mixed with a lot other mixtures to have more varieties. When you serve a coffee without milk or creamer or sugar, you are serving a black coffee. But the question is how to serve the good black coffee?

It starts with picking the best dried coffee beans. Another thing you would also need to own special equipments of coffee beans processing to get the best taste.

The Steps

  1. You need to pay attention to the water quality. In addition about water, you also need to pay attention to its temperature.
  2. Buy raw coffee beans to get the more authentic taste.
  3. If you prefer less bitterness, add a little amount of salt.
  4. Never store your coffee beans inside refrigerator or even freezer. Just make sure to keep the coffee beans dry.


  1. Boil two cups of water in low heat.
  2. When the water is almost boiled, put a spoonful of gilled black coffee, stir, and put a little amount of chocolate powder into it.
  3. Prepare a strainer and a coffee cup then pour the mixture into the cup until the coffee is foamy.
  4. You can add sugar and creamer or milk if you like.

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