Here’s The Truth About What Coffee Does To Our Teeth

When we all want to start the day, really kicking it and seizing our day, most of us would want to rely on our morning coffee and every caffeine we can consume during the day. Warning- your morning routine could make a mess of your dental health.
The simple logic here is, if coffee stains on your clothing, it could simply stain on your teeth. New York City’s Cosmetic Dental Studios, Victoria Veystman explains that the ingredients of coffee are called tannins. Now, tannins are some type of polyphenol that could break down in water, they could also be found in other beverages like tea or wine. Tannins cause colour compounds to be 100% ready to stick on your teeth. When these compounds stick, they would leave unwanted yellow stain or hue on our teeth.

It takes one cup of joe a day to stain your teeth. Hmm, that sounds not appealing at all! Even though all we want is to just get the energy by drinking coffee by consuming it every day. What should we do that we can still drink it without having any teeth discolouration?

black coffee
Really start by avoiding adding any creamer or sugar into your coffee. Logically, adding something to make your coffee less black or less coloured could make it stain less. It’s wrong! Adding sugar and creamer into your coffee will only enhance and fasten the growth of discolouring bacteria that will stain on your teeth. Drink your coffee in one sitting to prevent bacteria from building up faster throughout the ridge and cracks of your teeth. Last, but not least, brush your teeth regularly to help remove the stain or make the coffee stain less.

How To Get Rid of The Stains
No need to freak out or stop consuming coffee if you’re a huge coffee lover. You can make regular appointments with your dentist to clean your teeth and a professional supplement and home remedy to help clean the stains would be great. Here’s a hack: brush your teeth with baking soda twice a month would help you whiten the teeth faster. Fruits that contain rich and natural fibres like strawberries and lemon could also help you to clean your teeth by knocking down all the bacteria.
Another Downfall of Coffee

Water is the only beverage that won’t cause tooth and enamel erosion. Other beverages, including coffee, could create acids in your mouth that’ll cause tooth and enamel erosion, this means your teeth will be thin and brittle. Coffee could affect your breath. It has the ability to cause halitosis or bad breath because the component sticks to the tongue. There are simple and easy ways to avoid bad breath caused by coffee! Eat something first before you consume coffee or any caffeinated drinks, use the tongue scraper combined with a toothbrush every time you finish your coffee.

You can still have that bright, confident healthy smile and drink your coffee whenever you want. Dr Veytsman told that polyphenols contained in coffee have positive effects on your teeth. They keep teeth strong and healthy. If you’re still worried about this, limit your coffee intake and listen to what the dentists say: two cups of coffee a day would be enough and brush your teeth regularly.

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