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Further About of Sumatra Coffee

Indonesia is the third biggest coffee producer in the world. It’s basically an agricultural heaven. Sumatra coffee is a coffee growing in the region of Indonesia. The island is in the West part of Indonesia and has been long known to grown coffee. The coffee production will be on a small scale because it’s a remoted area and coffee from Sumatra is famous known to be smooth in texture with sweet, full body, has a balanced hue with a pretty heavy punch on the senses. Fun fact: before the beans are brewed, they have a bluish tone caused by the lack of iron in the soil on the land they’re grown.

The best coffee that has the characteristics of Sumatran coffee has low acidity, intense flavour of chocolate, licorice with a little spice. Or to some people described as syrupy taste. This coffee may be perfect for you if you’re looking for those kind of flavours mentioned above.

sumatra coffee

Facts of Sumatra

It is the 6th largest island in the world and has two climate zones because it’s located on both sides of the equator.

The Sumatra Region


The region is rugged and very fertile. How tho…? The largest volcanic eruptions in history are there in Sumatra as their home. The Sumatra coffee region had became an agricultural ground for coffee farmers because the ash deposits galore and of its remoteness, still in small production. Some local farmers still mix their plants like they grow spices in their backyard, trees full of plump fruits and all of those are featured in their coffee beans.

Method: Wet Hulling

Wet Hulling method or Giling Basah is how the process the coffee. This involves picking ripe coffee cherries, pulp the skin off, or dry it as swift as they can pr letting it sit by there overnight. They’ll be dried by tomorrow. The green bean inside will still be protected because of the removal of the parchment layer underneath the fruit.

The Steps:

  1. Skin will be removed from coffee cherry right after picking or harvest.
  2. Beans will be ferment overnight and placed in woven bags.
  3. The next morning, mucilage will be washed by hands.
  4. The beans will be dried.
  5. Parchment will be removed in coffee house, so it has to be shipped first.
  6. Beans are dried further.

wet hulled

If the following steps are done right, the coffee shall leave the farm with extra moisture. Again, it’s like black and white either you’ll love it or not due to this method. The flavour would be earthy, a tone of spice and herbal. That may or may not sound good to you but definitely worth the try. A Sumatra coffee lover and enthusiast know exactly about the coffee yields- low acidity and full body.

The Flavour

Everyone has their own taste they like for their coffee even though some people may not realise or care about the beans they bought, the flavour, roasting date or the process method. The main thing for them is just to get coffee and all coffee are the same. However, people who have the mind to buy Sumatra coffee know the taste of it, the process involved in the making and basically know it in general.

Now the thing is, it’s lack of popularity to other regions of coffee and roasters don’t offer many Sumatra coffee. It’s not because it’s not known, but it doesn’t sell, for people mostly love the fruity and acid type of coffee a lot more. When you hear the sound earthy for coffee, it sounds not appealing at all especially for the ladies. So it’s like black and white for this type of coffee. Either you love it so much or not again, thank you. It can be fruity tho! But the major flavour would still be earthy. Coffee enthusiasts see Sumatra coffee as a very unique and one of a kind coffee.

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The most memorable flavour profiles: Chocolate, licorice, spice, leather, mushrooms, earthy.

Could This Coffee Made For Me?!

We can’t answer that for you! The only way for you to know is to try them yourself! It won’t hurt, it’ll be like an adventure in life to see which one you like the most. It’s simple, if you like it you’ll keep having it and thank us for this article, but if you don’t like it then just simply don’t buy it anymore and keep trying to find which kind of beans you love the most. It’s nothing like the ones you’ve tried before tho. You might actually fall in love for this.



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