Your Sleep Cycle Caused By Caffeine

People use stimulant to give them an energy boost to stay alert most of the day by having caffeine. The normal daily intake would be around 250mg, it’s equal to about 3 cups of coffee. Caffeine offers a lot of benefits for your health and productivity. However, it can be disturbing if you have it too much in just one day. Caffeine enters your system through stomach and the effects will run in you swiftly after 15 minutes of consumption. It will stay in your system for hours until the effects of caffeine would be settled.

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1. Sleep Cycle Disruption

This is a very common and big issue about the effects of caffeine. Too much caffeine consumption has the possibility to interrupt your sleep and as said above, ingesting and settling down needs at least six hours. If you consume another cup of coffee within the six hours before the previous caffeine exit your body, it will extend the stimulatory effects. Sleep disruption means you can wake up randomly in the middle of the night for no reason and would be difficult for you to go back to your peaceful sleep again.

insomnia2. Insomnia

This one sounds hard. Insomnia is usually caused by medical conditions, inconsistent sleeping habits or could be biological factors. Your brain is not able to stop working, imagine a switch off and switch on button. It’s the same just like that. However, researchers found that insomnia could also be caused by caffeine. If it comes to the long term effects, it will be persistent and you will feel like it’s nothing.. In time. People who consume more than 250 mg of caffeine ingest more than they should. If the nervous system is overly stimulated, it will give you a constant rush of adrenaline which makes your body awaken most of the time. This kind of state will be able to have long term effects on your sleep cycle, cause random sleepiness in daytime and makes it harder to concentrate.

3. Polyuria

Another side effect of caffeine is polyuria. What on earth is polyura? It’s known as exaggerated urination, making you wanna go to the bathroom now and then. Adults who release more than 2,5 litres of urine won’t be considered healthy or far from dehydration. Instead, they suffer polyuria. Caffeine is diuretic and its effect to the central nervous system linked to the daily bladder. Constant or frequent urination is also caused by disruption of sleep cycle which we discussed above.

Why caffeine could cause excessive urination? The simple explanation is, caffeine gives you energy boost, but can also make you less dehydrated. When you feel less dehydrated you will need water and automatically drink it lots to reduce the dehydration, and then you’ll go to the bathroom and urinate, and the cycle goes on and on.

The best way is to have your coffee, knowing your own limit and what’s best for your body. Think of the long term effect, not just the short term energy boost you need for the day.


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