Used Coffee Beans for Health & Your Garden

Your morning cup of joe contributes to six million tonnes of spent coffee grounds going to landfill every year. In this article, there are a lot of opportunities to cycle your used coffee grounds become something valuable and something you can use again.

Coffee’s chemical composition offers you various of use besides just to brew it.

It range from biofuels, health products and fertiliser for farms or your garden so you shouldn’t be throwing away the used coffee grounds away. The processing and production can be more complex than you expect and recycling could turn coffee waste to something valuable for your health and even your home.

Some coffee shops now offer free spent coffee grounds for customers so they can use it for their own good. It’s very beneficial for humans but harmful for several plants. The used coffee should be detoxified by composing grounds for a minimum 98 days for plants to gain potassium and nitrogen contained in the roasted beans. Remember not to just sprinkle around the coffee grounds to your plants, you have to compost it first.

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organic coffee beans

Composted coffee grounds are very helpful in economical way because it’s cheaper than ever, also more sustainable. More businesses have begun processing coffee grounds for commercial purposes positioning them as nutrient rich fertilisers or soil conditioners for garden.

But the chlorogenic acid is very valuable. Even though it might be harmful for plants,but it’s rich of antioxidant for humans and neuroprotective properties. The whole coffee production process is rich in chlorogenic acid, especially in raw coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid conversion efficiency is even better from green coffee pulp, with a 50% recovery rate, compared with 19% for spent coffee grounds.

Imperfect beans which are undersized or crack would be discarded at raw stage, many businesses are rising to have the opportunity into the market of green beans. They’re good for weight loss and many women have used it.

It’s not just that. The waste of coffee can be used to create a diverse list of chemicals like enzymes and for digestion of biological compounds, also to improve plant growth. Coffee oil has even been used as a fuel for London buses.

With tons of waste supplies everyday in all coffee shops all over the world, recycling it would be a good choice and we all can enjoy our cup of coffee without too much guilt for also caring about the environment.


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