Coffee Shop ne vend plus que du café

Coffee Shop ne vend plus que du café

Coffee may be very common in your area and one of the top beverage to fuel your caffeine intake. However, with advanced technology involved, the culture of the coffee shop is changing.

How? First, a coffee shop provides a very comfortable place for people to meet up as a place to socialise. With wifi coming into town, every coffee shop has its own wifi. A coffee shop is becoming a fresh place where students meet up to do their projects, get their work done, or simply chat with their friends with the help of caffeine boost. The welcoming environment makes people come to the coffee shop not just to enjoy coffee, but to build a connection and relationship with new people.

Many people don’t take the time to enjoy a carefully brewed cup of coffee or socialize during coffee breaks, which is what coffee shops have been known for fostering for many years. Many people wouldn’t dare to slow the pace of their day and sacrifice precious working hours even for a well-needed break or pause in their day. In addition, the changing views of the entire purpose of coffee shops and coffee as a whole, is causing students, in particular, to create a dependency on caffeine that could be more easily avoided if the culture regarding coffee and coffee shops shifted back to how it was in our recent history, as a place of social gatherings and catching up on the latest news or gossip.

café et productivité

The coffee shop isn’t just selling coffee anymore, but it sells the environment and ambience where people can feel comfortable and spend a lot of time there to work and socialise. Sad but true, not a lot of people enjoy a carefully brewed coffee anymore. Most of them enjoy the ambience rather than the coffee itself and only a few people can appreciate the carefully brewed coffee.

If you pay attention closely, most customers let their coffee sit for so long so they can enjoy it for a long time while the work is on progress. That’s a sign of not appreciating your coffee because you let it sit for too long and the ice will melt, affecting how the coffee would taste or if you have the warm coffee, it won’t be warm enough for you to try the real taste of the cup.

Instead of taking tons of pictures of the nice latte art from the cappuccino you order, try to take your coffee slowly, relax for a bit, stop doing your work, and take a nice sip while really feeling the coffee with your tastebuds. Try to engage with the barista about what kind of coffee they use while taking a break from your work. It’s nice to engage with new people once in a while.

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