Finding the Healthiest Coffee Beans


Some researchers said that consumption of coffee more often is bad for you. Actually, coffee is always having a caffeine in it. So, drink something often with caffeine is not too good for our health. What makes caffeine is bad for you because the caffeine is a pure alkaloid, odorless and has a bitter compound. Although caffeine can increase your metabolism and can reduced the fatigue, the bad thing it can increase the nervousness. However, some of them said that coffee has some benefits for our body. We can see that there are a good fact about drinking coffee for our health. There are:

  • Coffee can boost your metabolism.
  • Coffee can protect you from diabetes because it has low sugar in coffee.
  • Coffee also can protect us from the risk of cancer.
  • Coffee can boosts your brain because it make you awake and more fresh.
  • Coffee can enhance your skin.

There are a lot of type of coffee beans around the world. But the process itself are only two. Roasted coffee and unroasted coffee. Actually, the coffee beans that we usually see is a roasted coffee with the dark colour. But, do you know that there is the healthiest coffee beans among the ordinary coffee beans? There is a green unroasted coffee beans. Actually this type of coffee beans are the healthiest coffee beans. This is because the beans are included to the decaffeinated coffee.

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Healthiest coffee beans is in the decaffeinated beans. Decaffeinated beans usually has a a green and darker color and it is less noticeable when it has been roasted. This decaffeinated beans is appear smoother. This decaffeinated  coffee beans are trully having 90-99 percen caffein remove. Nowadays there are a lot of decaffeinated beans in the public market. Decaffeinated benas can also becalled a green coffee beans. This green coffee has a lot of benefit four our health. Some of people said that this green coffee beans can loss the weight if we drink it in a routine.

The Process of Making Green Coffee Beans

There are some of differences of the process of making decaffeinnated or green coffee beans than the ordinary coffeen beans. But then, some of the result for decaffeinated coffee beans are worde than the caffein coffee beans. There found some of the beans are made from old green beans having darker roasted to become worse flavour. The process of making decaffeinated coffee beans has three part. The first is solvent process, the second is water process and the last is CO2 process.

In the solvent process, to open the cell structure, the beans are soaked in the hot water. To clean the caffeine from the beans ethyl acetate and methylene chloride are used. Another in the water process to clean the caffein out are using water based green coffee extract or water based green coffee compound. This water process sometimes can remove positive attributes from the coffee, damage the structure of the beans. This water extract is filtered in the carbon to remove the caffeine. This process is really has a chemical free. It is a gentle process on the beans and leaves much of its natural flavor intact.

In the CO2, process to remove the caffeine from the beans is using liquid. This liquid is used in low temperatures. This causing the disrupts of the compound that can effect the flavor of the coffee beans. The caffeine in the coffee are evaporated from CO2. The process of removing the caffeine in the coffee beans are considered organic. This causing the green coffee beans are all organic because the process are really detail in removing the caffeine.

The Benefit of Green Coffee Beans

There are a lot of benefit of comsumting the green coffee. We can see in the that one of the benefit of drinking green coffee is to loose weight. This green coffee beans is really popular as suplement to loose weight. Usually, the method to loose weight in using green coffee beans is not as a capsule suplement. The green coffee is using as a beverages like the ordinary coffee. Yet, when we try to use a green coffee in, the green coffee is appeared in a pill and can be consumed everytime we need. This is sold in online store near our location.

Another benefit of drinking green coffee is helping us to lower the blood pressure. This is because the ingredient from the green coffee beans can make a positive impact to the blood vessels. So, our blood presure can be lower or normal if we drink green coffee as a routine. Not only having befit for our health, but also green coffee beans having the benefit for our skin. The benefit of green coffee for our skin is to enhance the immune system. It can elliminate toxic and some of damaging elements in our body.

What we can assume from some of the benefit of green coffee beans is we can be healthier consumpt the green coffee. So, there is no doubt drinking green coffee as the healthiest coffee beans ever.

Type of Green Coffee Beans from Indonesia

There are some types of coffee beans around the world, but there is also type of coffee beans sold in Indonesia. They are Sumatran green coffee beans. The type of Sumatran coffee is Robusta. There are natural hybridization among the Sumatran coffee here. Some of the famous coffee beans in Sumatra is Gayo coffee from Aceh, Mandhailing Coffee from North Sumatra and Lampung coffee from Lampung. The characteristic of green coffee beans from Sumatra is kind of sweet green coffee beans. It is not has so many acidity in it. it also has a heavy texture. The flavor appear in green coffee beans from Sumatra are spicy, cedary, fermented fruit, cocoa, herb and tobacco. the appearance of the green coffee beans from Sumatera also is having a clean beans.


The special in having green coffee beans from Indonesia, especially from Sumatra is the process to make a good coffee beans. The process is using traditional Giling Basah and washed process that pulping the coffee beans and leave the beans for a day and hulling them off while the beans still has a moisture effect. So, that’s why it’s called a giling basah technique while the other coffee beans process is only washed. This make a particular flavor of the green coffee beans when the giling basah process run.

How to Consume Green Coffee?

We can consume green coffee everyday but not too often in a day. If we can to get the best result, we should consistenly consumpting the green coffee. It is better to drink green coffee without sugar for a better result but if you need a sweet one, you can add sugar as much you need. Green coffee can be consume in a pill or by beverages. Can drinking green coffee be addictive? Actually it depends on the use and purpose itself.

So, drinking the heatiehist coffee beans like green coffee will make you have better health if we do it in a routine. It is better to consult to the doctor first to know do and don’t about drinking green coffee.


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