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Finding the Comparison of Espresso Machine for Individual Use


Making a good espresso will be determined by the machine itself. There are some of espresso machine that produce a good espresso. To know the best espresso machine, we should know the general work of espresso machine itself. So we can find the comparison of espresso machine to be described. Generally, an espresso machine having a purpose to pump the pressure forcing the water came out to the coffee to extract the desires coffee beverage. The standar of espresso machine takes about 20 until 30 minutes to heat up until meet the correct temperature.

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We can use a hot or cool water to make an espresso. There are two kinds of espresso machine, automatic and manual machine. Each of them are having its advantages and disadvantages. We can make an espresso by ourselves with using the espresso machine. So, the espresso machine is not only use for the coffee shop but also for the coffee lovers who want to make an espresso in their house.

The price of espresso machine is vary, so what we have to do is managing the budget for the espresso machine. Think about the simple machine to make us easier having espresso by ourselves. It is because having an espresso machine is one of the investment for the coffee lover. To compare some of the espresso machine we should know first the way to grind the coffee. The espresso grinder is one of important thing before do the process of making espresso in the machine.

The espresso grinder is a machine for blending the beans into coffee powder. It is used especially for making an espresso. The espresso grinder and espresso machine are totally different. Before we make an espresso in the espresso machine, we should grind the coffee beans into espresso grinder. So what we have to make an espresso are espresso grinder and espresso machine. There are a lot of espresso machines for internal use at home for making an espresso at home. But today, we are going to define Breville Barista Express, The Little Guy and Minipresso.

1. Breville Barista Express

From the appearance, this Breville Barista Espress espresso machine is one of the complicated espresso machines. This machine is one of the recommended for making an espresso. We can control the grind of the machine because it has a burr grinder and the machine has two options for manual or automatic for coffee machine process. this machine can run automatically also can control the dose and temperature.

The price for this machine is not more than $600 for each. The design of this machine is so exclusive with all stainless steel outside. We will look like a pro barista if we have a breville barista express for making an espresso at home. This one is really easy to operate at home.

breville barista express espresso machine

The control of this espresso machine has a digital temperature control. This digital temperature can send the water itto the right temperature for the espresso coffee. This one is ensuring the espresso extraction. To having result of the coffee flavor and also latte art, we need to steam and performs the level of micro foam milk from this machine. The beautiful latte art are depending on the milk foam from the machine itself.

This machine create the great tasting espresso. We will never regret having this machine for individual use. With less than a minute, the espresso will be form into a good taste with the right beans before extraction. Actually, this espresso machine is a common machine for espresso specialist.

2. The Little Guy

The Little Guy espresso machine is more simple than Breville Barista Express. Even it is more simple than breville Barista Express, but this machine is is the best choise of premium espresso maker for using at home. This machine is one of unique espresso machine. This is because of not only the design but also the stovetop espresso maker. This espresso machine are originally from Australia made by Craig Hiron. This guy loves to make an espresso machine with vintage automatic stovestop. this machine is 100% made from stainless stell. It can create the pressure in the internal body to texture the milk. We can making an espresso in one double shot at home. To make the second espresso after the first espresso we need to have a break time to cool the machine first.

We need to give attention when filling the basket in this little guy espresso machine. It is better to fill in a three quater full of espresso coffee. This is to make sure the coffee are surely spread around the basket. This machine has no moving parts but it is really has a perfect performance for making an espresso. The quality of the shots of espresso and the milk texture also equal or better than any f espresso machine in the world.

Eventhough having more simple machine, actually this machine is more exprensive than Breville Barista Express machine. The machine costs for about $900 per each. What we have from spending $900 for this machine are: the espresso maker, the induction top, the stainless steel tamper, and also the silicon tamping mat.

3. Minipresso

Minipresso is one of the most simple espreso machine. The design and form is look like a thermos for bringing the hot boil water. This machine is kind of compact espresso maker that has a build pressure with semiautomatic priston. We can fill the espresso coffee and water everywhere to make it practice. This machine has only take one shot in a time. The disadvantages of this espresso maker is we can’t texture the milk. So, it’s better to make a dark espresso.

This minipresso is the cheapest espresso maker. It only costs not more than $100. It can be between $50- $60 for each. The color of this minipresso are black and white. Even it is cheap, this minipresso can also grind the beans as we like. This will make the coffee can be controlled by ourselves.  We can enjoy the espresso for about 50 ml and make it by ourselves with no doubtness.

This is one of the portable espresso maker. It is really good for traveller whose an espresso lovers so we can bring it everywhere. This espresso maker is include the measuring scoop for the espresso coffee to measure how much coffee we need for making an espresso. There is also an espresso cup to drink for the travellers. We don’t need an electricity plug to make an espresso with this minipresso. The weight of this espresso maker is really less than a pound. So, this one is the lightest espresso maker at all.

The espresso maker between Breville Barista Express, Little Guy and also Minipresso has their own specialist and advantages. We can choose the espresso maker based on our need. If we want to have a complete espresso maker, we just choose the Breville Barista Express. If we want to have an espresso maker that can be simple to bring everywhere, we can choose a minipresso. So, the little guy is an espresso maker that is simple for home using. After reviewing the three espresso maker, which espresso machine will you choose to bring at home?

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