Which Type of Coffee Drinker Are You?

People drink coffee. You drink coffee. I drink coffee. Starbucks is almost there in every corner you can get it anywhere and people need it after a long day or in the middle of the day. One can’t even function very well before having a cup of coffee. So, which type of coffee drinker are you?

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The Average Cup of Joe: Means you enjoy what life offers you, even the simplest things. All you ever need is a cup of joe and that’s about it. Maybe with some creamer and a bit of sugar. You might own your very latest coffee maker Keurig and reward yourself a latte or more than just one cup in the morning and feel all ready and prepared to kick the day.

Sugar Factory: You crave sugar, you crave something sweet, you’re basically a sweet tooth. Maybe you actually drink sugar with a hint or coffee. Blended drinks are the best for you to have an excuse of not having any dessert. Frappuccinos, pumpkin spice lattes, vanilla lattes or chocolate mocha are your best friends. Some coffeehouse let you ‘create’ or mixed up your very own drinks, you can be creative to mixed up the syrups and dairy.

All Black: Coffee is the same as fuel and pretty much only think about the coffee itself. It’s what you have all the time and you don’t discriminate it. Packed schedule or whatever it is coming around your day won’t break you down and all black will help you to pull yourself together.

long black

Connoisseur of Coffee: The French Press is your best friend forever and always. The basic for everything. If you order premium coffee from Jamaica, even Luwak Coffee (coffee beans digested by civet cats from Indonesia) you’d still stick to your French Press or maybe you’ll consider buying an espresso machine just for you to play with.

Fifty Fifty Person: Equally enjoying your cup of tea and coffee but unable to make the decision of which one you couldn’t live without in your life. To have both, you’d probably pick the chai latte or green tea latte with espresso.

You might fit into more than one category and it’s cool to discover more of what you might really like.


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