Three Scientific Explanations To Why Coffee is Linked To Productivity at Work

Three Scientific Explanations To Why Coffee is Linked To Productivity at Work

The aroma of coffee itself already makes us feel so good and wakes up our brain in the morning. It’s like a daily wake up call for a lot of us and it’s clearly not a big news anymore that we know this beverage is one of the most consumed beverages in the whole world.

Aaron E. Caroll, a medicine professor at Indiana University stated that coffee consumption could be associated with various benefits of decreasing dangerous health problems and increase the percentage of living longer.

A research has shown that if coffee is brewed, it will contain high antioxidants and could help liver or heart problems, cancer, including Alzheimer. Good news for coffee lovers, the evidence increase that drinking coffee could encourage individual to increase his or her consumption up to three to five cups a day. That would be around 400 milligrams of caffeine, even though expert people equates each cup of 8 ounces of coffee contain 100 milligrams and 12 ouonces would contain 150 milligrams of caffeine.

How could just one cup of small coffee make a difference for us in the office? Some people agree that they are less productive without coffee. According to a CareerBuilder employee survey, half of the U.S. workforce agree to that. Consuming coffee could really make yourself feel all pumped! As long as you don’t consume too much of it.

Here are the three scientific explanations to that!

1. It helps you to stay focus
What wakes you up after you consume coffee is not caffeine itself. Caffeine actually helps helding the compound in your brain that makes you want to sleep. Adenosine is a substance throughout the day and it could lower the energy level of your body. Which results in sleepiness.

Caffeine blocks the brain’s adenosine receptors and by them being blocked, the brain will not think that it is sleepy anymore. So after you consume your coffee in the morning even though you might still have the adenosine in your brain, your brain will not think it’s sleepy anymore.

In the meantime, caffeine could increase the brain’s energy level. If someone has more energy levels working, this means the memory could be enhanced, ability to focus, ability to solve problems and other functions of the cognitive. So it will never go wrong if you grab a cup of coffee first thing in the morning when you need to concentrate on a big project you’ve been working on for weeks or months. You won’t have any trouble doing simple tasks or sudden issues coming up at the office because you’ll be very focused!


2. Prepare yourself for the flood of ideas
Some people do not believe that coffee could make one full of ideas because of the alertness it affects. Actually, it does, because it keeps your mind wander, all dreamy, helps you to be more creative. However, a research from MIT including other supports that coffee could help one individual or even in a group setting possible. Sitting around in your office while sipping your coffee could help you relax and lead to more casual conversations.

This works for some people for sure. Drinking coffee stimulate their brains and help their brains make some room for new thoughts, innovative thoughts, and creative thoughts. The people who work at the coffee shop are getting new ideas while fixing their coffee in the morning and the ambient also improve people’s creativity in a room or in one place. A research study from Journal of Consumer Research, shown that low-level sound helps the brain to elaborate information that will result to creative problem-solving.

3. It helps you become a fast learner
Yes, people, there is a particular reason why coffeehouse is always present in college or university. Coffee will help you work overtime, help you to learn anything faster because you’ll be more focused. In the world where we live, we can’t stop learning, ever!

A research from a journal of PLOS One stated that 200 milligrams of caffeine could do the brain to elaborate words, phrases, and sentences more quickly. Another research has been done by the psychologists. They give caffeine and lactose pill to different subjects and turns out that the people who got caffeine had the ability to tell exact words and made up words more quickly than the ones who got lactose pills.

Not only that, consuming coffee could also improve your short-term memory. This is great when you’re studying for exams or when you’re trying to memorise something you need quickly.

When do we need to stop?
Don’t let your body be over-caffeinated! If you consume more than 600 milligrams you’ll constantly feel thirsty, hence you’ll go to the bathroom pretty often. Too much coffee could upset your stomach, make you anxious because your mind would be very, very alert, a strong, fast heartbeat, and hand tremors.
Know your limit when it comes to your caffeine consumption. Beware of tea and soda, they contain caffeine too! So choose your drink throughout the day wisely. You don’t wanna over drink your caffeine and end up ruining your productive day!


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