The Reasons Why Private Label Coffee Taste Different

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Private label coffee are varied in term of texture as well as flavor, each type of coffee brings out the nature of where the coffee is planted, the nutrition of the soil, and the genetic of the tree. As the result, people may have specific preference in choosing the beverage, even though they come to like espresso but each of them might enjoy different flavor.

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It is also occur in Indonesia, as the types of coffee that present in Indonesia coffee plantations are mostly Robusta and Arabica. However, each region has their own type of coffee that makes them totally different from one and another. Exploring the flavor of coffee from around the world seems to be full of surprises, as you will keep discovering new taste from each cup of coffee that you drink.

Agricultural Aspect

The main reason why each private label coffee tastes different from one and another is basically determined by the agricultural approach of the plant. People might not be able to taste the different of the each coffee bean when they eat them raw, as most of the raw coffee beans taste nothing like coffee; rather it taste like vegetal or dirt, it will be determine later on after the beans are harvested for industrial process.

The differences occur depend on varietal, density, and ripeness; as each coffee plants come from different family and need different approach in planting, of course varietal become the major aspect in determining the variation of flavor. Robusta coffee which is growth in Africa may be totally different from those which is planted in Indonesia because both of them comes from different family. Varieties is important in determining which type of coffee that should be planted in some area, as the growth of each plant nee careful calculation about the nutrition of the soil, the weather, and the percentage of rain that occur that is needed for the plan.

Not only varieties that determine the flavor of the private label coffee but also the ripeness of the harvested coffee; if the beans are taken while they are still young and green, the taste of those bee will be likely raw. What makes coffee taste best is when the beans have mature enough to be picked up and then proceed. It is the reason why Luwak coffee is expensive compare to any other type of coffee; because they are carefully selected by the civet, as they can only consume coffee beans which have better quality.  Density is another factor that contributes to the variation in coffee flavor, as it determines the strength of the coffee that is produced.

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Production Process of Private Label Coffee

Besides those varietal, density, and ripeness, the production process also has some effect in making each brand of private label coffee taste different. Generally speaking, beans have to endure several processes before they are ready to be consumed.  The procedure begin from the harvesting approach that is used by the local people, some of them prefer to use machine because it can reduce the number of workers that need to be hired. However, it comes with consequence; as machine cannot differentiate the ripe beans and those which are still young and green.

As the result, some of the non ready to consumed beans might be mixed with high quality beans which make the quality of the product less favorable. This problem has become a concern on some of the coffee factory, as they hire some people to select the coffee after they are harvested by the machine. Even scientists are now tried to make a machine which can select the coffee beans based on the ripeness of the beans.

While other prefers to choose machine to harvest the coffee beans, some traditional farmers choose to harvest the coffee beans by hand. As they can choose which one is ready for production by relying their eyes, hands, and nose. This approach might take times as well as human resources, but as long as you hire a professional workers than you don’t have to worry about the quality of the beans.

The dryness of the coffee will give huge influence in determining the flavor. In completing this process, several approaches can be chosen such as natural dry process, the washes process, the pulped natural process, the honey (miel) process, and the semi-washed wet hulled process. Natural dry process is classified as the most common drying process for coffee, because this approach is simple and need less equipment and tools.

However, this drying process highly depends on the weather; as the result, it can only be done in area that has more sunlight and dryness. All you need to do is laid out the coffee cherries on the ground and left them till dry; it will be automatically depulped when the coffee beans are ready. Washes process is much more complicated, as it begins with depulping the coffee cherries and it is followed by fermentation before the beans ready to be dried under the sun.

Semi-washed wet hulled process is an approach which is still done in Indonesia, in this process the drying process is conducted for two times. The first one takes place after the coffee cherries are depulped and left under the sun so they can reduce the moisture to 35 percent, it is then followed by removing the parchment  before the second drying process begin.


Roasting is another aspect that determine the flavor of the private label coffee, as it can change the interior of the beans. Coffee cannot be roasted for too short or too long: when it is roasted for a short period, it tends to create weak coffee with high acidity.  While if you roast it for too long, the natural flavor of the coffee will lost permanently. The difference on private label coffee can be seen from the color of the coffee beans as well as the smell of them. Since roasting is a difficult process in making a perfect coffee, it can only be done by professional barista. People with no knowledge about coffee has no chance in succeeding the roasting process, at least you need years of training in order to be able to make a perfect coffee.

Brewing is also important in determining the flavor of the private label coffee, different method might result different taste and texture. At least four aspect that you need to consider in making a coffee including the grind size, extraction time, water temperature, as well as the ration of the water; each of them play an important thing in creating the flavor of the coffee. The grind size determines the speed of extraction that is needed, when the grind is fine then the extraction process will be shorter compare to coarser grinds. Short extraction time for coffee will make the acidity on coffee is greater than those which are extracted for longer period; of course it will be less preferable.

Even though making a glass of coffee seems to be easy, but the processes to make the coffee beans ready to be consumed at least takes 3 to 4 months, after the drying process, the coffee beans cannot be process directly, as they need break time around 2 months to be ready to roast. Even making a glass of coffee is not as easy as it seems, it is not only about pouring hot water on your coffee but you also need to consider the texture and the quality of the beans.


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