The 6 Strongest Coffee Blends Ever Created in History

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So let’s recall all of your bluffs, those I can’t live without coffee, those coffee first, keep calm and have coffee and any of those activities you can’t do without coffee.

Caffeine would hit on your tongue, seep into your bloodstream, stimulant your mind to burst into ideas. It gets into your veins, could possibly making you energised or anxious or productive. Your body consist of water and now, caffeine too.

You feel like you need to increase your dose of caffeine, but how much can people really bear? How much is how much and how much is the daily basis? Research says it would be 400 milligrams. That equals to three to four cups depending on the oz of the cups you take everyday. So the answers we all need to the question of how much, is how do we get it all down into our body right? What’s the strongest coffee out there that I can take right?

  1. F***ing Strong Coffee

strongest coffee

Power: If promotional material profanities were milligrams of caffeine this coffee would be the strongest coffee. It contains 140mg of caffeine per cup. 3/5.

Packaging intimidation factor: No-nonsense, it has a swear word. Decent effort. 3/5.

The circumstances to drink it: One of those hangovers where you know you don’t have time to stay in bed and are going to have to impersonate a functioning human being.

  1. Costa Coffee cappuccino

strongest coffee

This turns out to be the strongest cappuccino ever made. Most cappuccino have less than 100mg of caffine in a 12 ounce cup, but this one has 185mg. This is your sacred cappuccino.

Power: 2/5. Wait till you meet the stars.

Packaging intimidation factor: I don’t know what it is that will finally usher me off this mortal coil, but it’s not going to be something with a little chocolatey stencil of coffee beans on it. 0/5.

The circumstances to drink it: Any old trip to a Costa.

  1. Banned Coffee


strongest coffee

It claims to be the strongest coffee ever.

Power: 12oz of this coffee  is the caffeine equivalent of five cups of normal coffee. 3/5

Packaging intimidation factor: The material looks a little leathery. I am aware enough of tight black leather to give this a 4/5.

The circumstances to drink it: Alone. Don’t even try to think offering someone something out of that packaging.

  1. Biohazard Coffee

strongest coffee



It says “obtain non stop productivity, enjoy sleepless nights and become unstoppable” also insomnia guaranteed. This might actually scare people away.

Power: 650-702 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed, according to Caffeine Informer. Go on, have a 4/5.

Packaging intimidation factor:  No real biohazard tho. 2/5.

The circumstances to drink it: If you wanted to give some gullible kids a fright or prank somebody.

  1. Death Wish Coffee

strongest coffee

Claims to be the world’s strongest. A 12-oz mug of this has 728mg of caffeine. Could possibly enough to wake the dead from the graves.

Power: 5/5.

Packaging intimidation factor: This would not make it through customs. 5/5.

The circumstances to drink it: If you all need something real strong to kick your day.

  1. Black Insomnia Coffee

strongest coffee


A 12-ounce mug of this contains 702mg of caffeine. More than eight times of normal cappuccino cups. One of the reviewer says his stamina is not mortal anymore.

Power: 5/5

Packaging intimidation factor: 6/5.

The circumstances to drink it: None. You don’t want to be hyper reactive and you would feel like you can conquer the world or be a total idiot. Either of that, your choice.

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