Characteristics of Best Light Roast Coffee Beans and Different Types of Coffee Beans for Modern Coffee

light roast coffee

Coffee roasting is an important process in the world of coffee. This roasting process or roasting process should pay attention to the roasting level. This is because roasting levels can produce a variety of coffee flavors. Uncooked raw coffee beans have no flavor with soft characteristics. Raw coffee is processed by means of roasting known as roasted beans. Characteristics of roasted beans have a unique aroma and have a variety of flavors. The process of roasting coffee is generally there are three profiles, namely: light roast coffee beans, medium roast, and dark roast.

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Profile of Coffee Roasting

1. Light Roast

Light roast is the phase of the process that creates acidity characteristics in coffee beans. Raw Green bean will experience the color change from yellowing to browning, to first crack. The first rupture process is a phase that occurs because the moisture in the coffee beans blends with carbon dioxide. This process also forms glucose, resulting in popping sound, a sound that resembles the making of popcorn. Characteristics of flavor and aroma of light roast coffee beans will tend toasted grain, the dominant acidity, and the color of coffee beans tends to be light brown.

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2. Medium Roast

Phases in the medium roast profile tend to produce aroma and sweet taste in coffee. Roasted beans develop the aroma and flavor of the first crack phase, thus producing less caffeine, less acidity levels than coffee from light roast coffee beans, and have a dark brownish tint.

3. Dark Roast

This phase will provide many changes to the coffee, among others; the lighter the weight, the color that becomes almost black, and the size is bigger than the raw green bean. Characteristics of aroma and taste of coffee tend to be bitter, caffeine at least, and a slightly burnt texture.

Choosing a roasting profile can be influenced by a shift in market appetite as well as a desire to explore the characteristics of the aroma and taste of coffee beans. To achieve this will be more obtained in light roast coffee beans and medium roast profiles. Produce coffee with a delicious flavor and aroma can also be affected by the type of coffee beans used. You should also know the different types of local and foreign coffee.

Type of Coffee Beans

1. Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee is a traditional type of coffee with the best taste to make any kind of coffee. Arabica coffee comes from Ethiopia and has been cultivated in various regions, such as; Central Africa, East Africa; Latin America, India, and Indonesia. Arabica coffee can grow in tropical or subtropical countries. Arabica coffee grows at an altitude of six hundred to two thousand meters above sea level. Arabica coffee plants can grow up to three meters in good environmental conditions and the optimum growing temperature is between twelve and twenty-six degrees Celsius. The resulting coffee beans are small and green to dark red.

2. Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee has more bitter, slightly acidic, and contains more caffeine than Arabica Coffee. Robusta coffee can grow at an altitude of eight hundred meters above sea level. Robusta coffee is more resistant to pests and plant diseases. Robusta coffee grows a lot in South America Central Africa, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. The price of Robusta coffee is also cheaper than Arabica Coffee. Robusta coffee types can also produce light roast coffee beans, medium, and dark. All depends on the processing.

3. Coffee Sidikalang, Mandailing, Lintongnihuta

Coffee Sidikalang, Mandailing, Lintongnihuta is a coffee originating from North Sumatra. Coffee Sidikalang already famous for its tasty taste, even not only in the country but to abroad. One of the rivals for the coffee of Sidikalang is brazil coffee. According to the experts of coffee, the typical taste of Coffee Sidikalang obtained from a mixture of cold and soil type in the Bukit Barisan area with a height of fifteen hundred meters above sea level.

4. Kopi Luwak

Luwak coffee beans are the result of natural fermentation in the mongoose animal’s stomach. Civet Coffee native to Indonesia with a process formed and a very unique taste. Coffee beans are fed by animals named Luwak or Weasels which then the coffee beans come out with Luwak droppings. Coffee beans experience fermentation in the stomach Luwak. Kopi Luwak is basically Arabica Coffee.

5. Java Coffee

This coffee comes from the Land of Java and has its own taste with the aroma of spices that feels naturally. Java coffee is not as strong as other types of coffee, but this coffee is able to entice coffee lovers with the flavor Java coffee passes through a wet milled process. And the most famous coffee is Jampit and Blawan. The old Javanese Coffee Beans are called old-brown with large shapes and low acid levels. You can visit to get the type of coffee to your liking.

The coffee beans are harvested and selected for subsequent processing into coffee that can be enjoyed. You can produce a coffee profile to your liking. One of the coffee profiles that can create a delicious flavor is light roast coffee beans. The resulting coffee will have a unique characteristic to be processed into a delicious modern coffee drink. Modern coffee is a mixture of several ingredients other than coffee, among others; mocha, milk, foam, and chocolate.

Types of Modern Coffee

Here are some types of modern coffee that is often found in coffee shops:

1. Espresso

Espresso is the strongest modern coffee that its coffee content is stronger than that Espresso is obtained from the extract of pure coffee beans without mixture. The resulting flavor is bitter with the degree of consistency depending on the coffee beans used.

2. Macchiato

Macchiato is an espresso with a mixture of self-steamed foam milk with a small amount, so the resulting flavor remains strong. The foam used in macchiato is only two to three spoons.

3. Piccolo

The coffee used with ristretto is the best extraction from espresso. This makes the coffee softer and less acidic, but the process is longer. Piccolo has more milk content than Macchiato, so the resulting flavor is not so strong.

4. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is basically a milk coffee that is also given foam. Cappuccino is a popular and well-known modern coffee dish, even available in instant form. This cappuccino is like an Espresso dairy, foam from milk, so it becomes creamy milky coffee with a balanced amount of coffee and milk.

5. Latte

Latte is basically a coffee of milk, almost the same as Cappuccino. Latte is given foam from steamed milk with more milk content. The composition of this Latte is often called very milky coffee. Fat content in most latte than macchiato coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and piccolo.

6. Flat White

Flat white cursed the milk ratio more than café latte and served almost without foam. The top of the Flat White is a coffee crema and a speck of foam. Flat white flavor is stronger than café latte and softer than cappuccino.

Understand about the profile of coffee, one of which is light roast coffee beans is very important. You should also understand about the type of coffee in order to produce a unique coffee flavor. Coffee can be obtained to serve as a modern coffee. Currently there are many different types of modern coffee that you can choose. It all depends on your taste and compatibility in enjoying coffee.

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