3 Different Types of Coffee Beans

People like to talk about the different flavor profiles from three of the major regions in the world, Central America, Eastern Africa and Indonesia.

Let’s start with Central America. Central American countries usually come from either Guatemala, El Salvador or Costa Rica. These coffee are really well known for their bright, tart acidity, chocolaty component’s caramel sweetness and fruitiness that goes with it. A lot of people say words like clean or balanced are characteristics of these coffees. Next, we have coffees from Eastern Africa.

These are coffees from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda. These coffees are really complex and diverse in their flavors, depending usually on the way that they were processed, either washed or natural process. Washed are ones that are usually on the fruity side, jasmine aromas and give you this really floral textures and delight structure. The other ones, the dry process coffees, which are usually dried with the fruit in it, provides more complex, fruity, bolder and earthier tones.

So there are two different flavors depending on the way that were processed. Finally there, coffee is from Indonesia. Indonesian coffees are usually bigger, bolder, earthier and aromas and are lower in acid than the traditional other styles, especially the ones from Sumatra. They’re ideal for dark roast and for espresso drinks. So the next time you visit a coffee shop, I would highly encourage you to try either one of those three coffees from the three regions that we just talked about.


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