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Explanation About Different Types of Coffee

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Even if you’ve been enjoying coffee for years, you must have a favourite drink or two that you order consistently and never change. However, the world is full of wonderful coffee drinks to try if you’re up for a new beverage adventure every now and then.

Here, we have the original favourites and even new ones your ears might never heard of. Here’s the complete list of the explanation about different types of coffee.  The next time you’re in the line at your favourite coffee shop, you might try one from the list down below.


This is what you’re likely to drink from your average coffee machine for work or home. Drip coffee is nothing more than steaming-hot water that filters through coffee grounds.


Espresso is made almost the same way as drip coffee except for a couple of key differences. First, you will likely use espresso beans, which are really nothing more than dark roasted beans or could be light to medium roasted beans. The difference is in the grind. Beans used in an espresso machine are ground a lot finer than the coarse grind for your general drip coffee machine.


In addition, an espresso machine works differently than a drip machine. Espresso machines pressurize the hot water that filters through the beans. The increased force of water passing through the coffee grounds makes for a much more concentrated coffee drink, resulting in both stronger and more flavourful than a usual cup of coffee.


If you like the caffeine boost you get from espresso but the taste is just too strong, a long black is the coffee for you. It’s the combination of hot water and one or two shots of espresso, it tastes like another cup of coffee.


Some people like the black drink, others prefer some milk in their coffee to lighten up the taste. This is again, an espresso based drink pairs a shot with a small amount of steamed milk and a mountain of foam.


This creamy drink is often confused with cafe au lait, probably because they are so similar. However, while cafe au lait is equal parts coffee and steamed milk, a latte is a shot of espresso with steamed milk.

Lattes and cappuccinos are actually more similar than a latte and a cafe au lait. Both start with an espresso base, but while a cappuccino has less milk and more foam, a latte has more milk and less foam. This makes for a creamier drink that doesn’t have as strong of an espresso flavor as a cappuccino. The lesser the milk, the stronger. So it depends on individual’s preference.



People have become very confused about the traditional roots of this coffee drink thanks to the prevalence of sugary concoctions, like the modern name caramel macchiato. A classic macchiato is an espresso with a dash, more like a stain which is it’s Italian translation of milk on top of the espresso, while a cappuccino is very milky and has more milk. When making a macchiato one does not add steamed milk and it generally features a double shot of espresso as its base.


Easily the sweetest of espresso drinks, it begins with a shot of espresso before adding steamed milk and chocolate. Baristas may also add whipped cream on top. In short, you won’t need to add any sugar to this drinkable dessert.


This type of coffee drink is very popular in France and it earns awesome reviews from people lucky enough to try it overseas. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to find locally, perhaps because it is harder to make there. This coffee drink consists of little more than a shot of espresso paired with a small amount of hot, but not steamed heavy cream.

The problem with recreating it here seems to be because of the differences in the milk used. French milk tends to be unpasteurized, which makes for a creamier and slightly sweeter flavor. Once milk is pasteurized, it takes on what some describe as a cooked taste, altering the delicate flavor that makes a cafe creme unique.



This one is very popular and it offers you the best of the best. If you love both coffee and espresso and you have a hard time figuring yourself out about which one to have, this might be the solution.

A red eye is nothing more than a shot of espresso in your morning cup of drip coffee. If you enjoy lightly drinking your coffee in the morning but it does nothing to you, a red eye will meet all of your needs because it gives you a stronger taste.



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