Different Ways To Enjoy Coffee Around The World


In United States of America, there are only 29, well sort of types of coffee drinkers. When you step off United States of America, the drinking ways of coffee, how there are many different ways to enjoy coffee around the world is very vary! There are many customs and preferences from different cultures. When we know how people all around the world enjoy their coffee, we’ll have new perspectives to enjoy ours even more.

1. Australia

Australians love their flat white. It’s the niece of the small black, aka espresso. The flat white is created by steaming the whole milk with a proper time and light foam, not too thick like cappuccino or the usual latte, and combine it with espresso. It might be very stereotypical to Australian activities, but we’d know because it’s already a thing even back in 80s there. Starbucks is the one who introduced it to Americans. A bit of a tragedy, because the chains expansion to Aussie was a bit hard and fierce, they’ve been forced to close down the stores caused by low sales.

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2. Japan

Siphon is the kickass beverage weapon in Japan. There are lots of barista competitions all over the world and Japan, in their own style, choose Siphon as their weapon to conquer any other competitors. It was first brought by the Dutch in 1600s. Since it was seen in Gales’s lab in Breaking Bad, it made siphon go up even higher than before like a pop culture. Siphons are now present in fancy coffee shops because the gorgeous looks of it and how the brewing technique is impressive.

siphon3. Norwegia

People from Norwegia likes it soft, chill, and light. While most Americans tend to go for darker roasts which kind of taste smokey, ashy, chocolatey and quite bitter for the most part. Unique flavours could be found in various coffee beans with lighter roasts and some coffee addicts or snobs are known to use the term “roasty” as their derogatory term.

4. India

Some people consume their coffee with a flower.. Yes, a flower. The flower is called Chicory. It’s a purple flower with a savory root and by adding the flower to the coffee grounds is the best and most famous wa to style it for Indian people. They add up some essence of the flower because the brewing method is long and slow filtered drip. The use of the flower is that it could lengthen flavour extraction from the original coffee beans. This method was addictive during the Civil War in New Orleans when coffee was hard to find, but unfortunately it’s not that popular anymore now.

5. Colombia

Colombians like to have it inky and it’s called tinto! Colombia is very famous with their local coffee beans that has been exported all over the world. But actually, most Colombians people still enjoy their black inky signature coffee called tinto. Generally speaking, it’s low quality made from instant coffee powder and mix it with hot water. They cost only a few pesos too, so it’s not expensive at all. Some locals want to expand this signature coffee to become global but it didn’t work because their local high quality coffee beans are found to be more enjoyable to most people.

flat white6. Netherlands

According to some reports, Dutch consume 2.4 cups per capita in just one day, or every day. It’s twice as the most addicted country, Finland. The Americans are widely known for their huge intake of caffeine, but Dutch is three times of America’s daily intake of .93 cups. They have the most serious addiction in the world. They’re known to make coffee popular centuries ago and brought coffee to the whole world. They ruled the market and could be counted as one of the pioneers who introduced coffee to the whole world.

7. Spain

A hipster drink of this moment would be a miniature latte. A shot of espresso, with a small, just a tiny bit of steamed milk and it’s becoming a trend lately in some coffee shops in America, but has always been there in Spain for years.

8. Italy

Cappuccinos are considered to be a proper breakfast in Italy, but not in the afternoon no they don’t have it because they think it’s harmful for your digestion.

9. Brazil

Just like Colombia, Brazil is one of the biggest coffee producers and exporters in the world. They still have their traditional drink called cafezinho. It would be consumed in a little cup, but sugar would be mixed into the water before it’s boiled. It would end up making it even sweeter.


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